‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Charmaine Johnise Wants to Change the Narrative of Women on Reality TV

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago's Charmaine Johnise Wants to Change the Narrative of Women on Reality TV

Women on reality television are often portrayed to be over-sexualized, “ratchet,” “uneducated” and so on. From reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Married to Medicine, and Basketball Wives viewers have undoubtedly seen their fair share of drink throwing, cursing, table flipping tantrums among black women. But Black In Crew: Chicago’s, Charmaine Johnise, wants to switch up the […]

Steph Curry Drops Gems in Online Course for 2018


Words by Leslie Monet Chef Curry-with-the-pot is sharing some of his star power recipes becoming one of the latest VIP teachers of MasterClass. The online platform takes learning to another level using celebrity experts in varying industries to give their own rendition of how they’ve become successful. Steph Curry, among other greats like Samuel L. […]

Cam Newton And Leonard Johnson Chef Up A Delicious Meal For Players Tribune

cam newton cooking with leonard johnson

Who Want’s a Dish? Carolina Panthers QB, Cam Newton is enjoying the off-season which means he doesn’t have to follow any diet guidelines. His teammate Leonard Johnson can also enjoy some free time before mini-camp hits as the two are featured on this week’s story for, The Players Tribune. The two whipped up a perfect, […]

Stephen Curry Supports Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest

stephen curry is surprisingly underpaid he signed a four year  million contract extension in  and now makes  million per year he could triple that when he becomes a free agent in

CHEF CURRY ROCKING WITH KAP!  Stephen Curry is the latest athlete to back 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick by stating he supports his decision to sit during the national anthem. In an interview, Curry explained that he is glad Kaepernick decided to exercise his freedom of speech by remaining hopeful that African-Americans will be treated fairly […]