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Madonna Accused Of Child Trafficking In Malawi

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Several reports have confirmed that Pop icon Madonna is being accused of human trafficking and sexually exploiting children by a charity organization called the Ethiopian World Federation. The company website states that the EWF is “a civic service organization that pushes policies and advocates to change the laws that harm Black People.” Visit for […]

Conspiracy Theorists Believe Wayfair is Involved in Child Trafficking

Conspiracy Theorists Believe Wayfair is Involved in Child Trafficking

The online furniture store, Wayfair, is being accused of child trafficking and money laundering after a Reddit user made the correlation between missing children and high priced furniture. Visit for more information Samiyah Mumun, Samara Duplessis, Yaritza Castro, Cameron James Dziedzic, Mary Durett, and Kylah Coleman are the names of missing children and coincidentally, the first names of these children […]

Man On Fire: A Former Federal Agent Puts The Breaks On Global Child Trafficking

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Human trafficking generates $32 billion a year off the backs of more than 27 million people—and nearly two million of them are children. Former CIA and Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard is on a global crusade to save each and every child, and bankrupt the entire trafficking system. Visit for more information To help fortify […]