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Jefferson Davis Statue Comes Down in Richmond as America is Forced Into Atonement

Koning Leopold I Blijde Intrede in Antwerpen Anno

As the protest movement roils on, America’s forced atonement is now targeting its greatest sin: slavery. Visit for more information A statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis was torn down in Richmond, Virginia along Monument Avenue on Wednesday night. The statue of the Confederacy State’s President lies in the former capital of the southern […]

Fans Petition to Replace Christopher Columbus Statue With Statue of Prince


It has become popular for fans to launch online petitions for the changes they want to see. Visit for more information In the past fans have petitioned for Migos’ front man, Quavo, to re-do the National Anthem, and successfully petitioned for the late R&B princess Aaliyah to get her own collection with MAC Cosmetics. […]

Los Angeles Replaces Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples Day Holiday

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Following the lead of other large cities, the Los Angeles City Council by a 14-1 vote on Wednesday decided to replace Columbus Day to commemorate “indigenous, aboriginal and native people” on the second Tuesday of October. Visit for more information There is a movement across America to replace Columus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. […]

Seasteading: The World’s New Frontier

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Seasteading is a fairly new concept of having permanent communities living on the sea. Essentially, the seasteads would be floating nations in international waters beholden onto themselves. According to the Seasteading Institute, it will be needed to create what they call the next generation in governance. There are also benefits for the banking system, medical […]