Civil Rights Movement

The Source Magazine Remembers The MOVE 9 Bombing 30 Years Later


Today marks the 30th commemoration of the bombing at 62nd and Osage Avenue in West Philadelphia in 1985 Visit for more information MOVE, which was originally called the Christian Movement for Life, was founded in 1972. Its founder, John Afrika born Vincent Leaphart on July 26, 1931 in the Mantua neighborhood of West Philadelphia, […]

Woman Who Stabbed Dr. Martin Luther King Dies

izola curry

If you have read about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, you would know that in 1958 he was stabbed in Harlem during a book signing. It is believed the woman who stabbed Dr. King, Izola Ware Curry was mentally unstable when she approached King saying she had been looking for him for 5 […]