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Donald Trump Argues Climate Change Isn’t Real Because of Current Cold Weather

Donald Trump posted a polarizing tweet on Thursday night, arguing that climate change isn’t real, and used the current cold weather to prove his point. Many cities have dealt with record-low temperatures that have dropped below 0 recently. In one part of Minnesota, the temperature reached negative 36 degrees Fahrenheit. However, USA Today reports  that […]

Pharrell Made a Song That Won’t Drop Until 2117

Pharrell Made a Song That Won't Drop Until 2117

Pharrell Williams is back with new heat, but it won’t be dropping any time soon. Williams partnered with Louis XIII Cognac to raise awareness about climate change. The super producer recorded a song called “100 years”, and that’s exactly when it’s going to be released — in 100 years. The only copy of the song […]

Doomsday Warning To Humanity Is Signed By 15K Scientists

A prophetic ‘warning to humanity’ giving notice of perils facing the Earth has been issued by more than 15,000 scientists from around the world. Climate change, deforestation, loss of access to fresh water, species extinctions and uncontrolled human population growth are all threatening mankind’s and the Earth’s future. The letter, originally written in 1992 and […]

President Trump Signs Executive Order On Climate Change

President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order that represents his biggest effort yet to erase former President Barack Obama’s legacy on climate change. The order directs EPA to begin rolling back the Clean Power Plan, the landmark 2015 rule requiring existing power plants to curb their greenhouse gas emissions. Also on the chopping […]

Study Shows No Slowdown In Global Warming

With record low temperatures during the start of summer 2015, climatic change and global warming are the current hot topics up for debate A new climate study was released Thursday that refutes the claim that there’s been a slowdown in the Earth’s warming rate and it has caused quite a stir. There is no denying […]