Cash Money Records Launching Pop-Up Shop In NYC

bronald oil cashmoney

Cash Money Records taking over for the 99 and 00’s.  Is NYC ready for a pop-up shop that will sell Cash Money merchandise exclusively for the first time ever? The popup comes thru VFILES in collaboration with Bravado and Birdman, the #1 stunna. The clothing will most certainly be new meanwhile the merchadise will stunt […]

Pharrell Buys Back Billionaire Boys Club And Ice Cream

hb ph

  Pharrell Williams has took back what he started and wants to start where he left off. Him and his main guys have decided to take back BBC and Ice Cream which means some major projects must be on the way for the brands.  Financialinfo terms for the deal was not disclosed. An Iconix spokeswoman acknowledged […]

Former Knick, Current Indiana Pacer Chris Copeland Stabbed Outside of NY Club

copeland ind

Ex-Knick and current Indiana Pacer Chris Copeland, 31, was stabbed outside of 1 Oak club on W. 17th St in New York City. Copeland was rushed to Bellevue Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, and according to the NY Daily News, there was an argument occurred between Copeland and 28-year old Katrine Saltara. Shortly thereafter, 22-year old Shezoy […]