Totally Buggin’: Stacey Dash Arrested For Attacking Her Husband

stacey dash arrested for attacking new husband

Recent headlines haven’t been too kind for once-popular actress Stacey Dash, and unfortunately the latest isn’t flattering at all in the least bit. TMZ now reports that Dash was arrested over the weekend on a domestic violence situation that went down in her Florida home, and sadly she now has a “celebrity mugshot” that’s far […]

‘Girls Trip’ Writer Reportedly Producing ‘Clueless’ Reboot

'Girls Trip' Writer Reportedly Working on Script for 'Clueless' Reboot

There’s a Clueless reboot reportedly in progress, and we’re “totally buggin’” over the news. Visit for more information Paramount has tapped Girls Trip writer, Tracy Oliver to produce and “Glow” writer, Marquita Robinson to do the script, as indicated by Deadline. The film is based on the hit 1995 film by Amy Heckerling about […]