Kelly Rowland Returns with ‘Coffee’ Single and Video

Kelly Rowland Coffee

Kelly Rowland teased the release of “Coffee” earlier in the week and her new single is now available. Visit for more information The steamy single is the audio story of the morning after a night of passion with Kelly petitioning for her late-night bae to stay for coffee and more sex opposed to heading […]

Dunkin To Drop ‘Donuts’ From Its Name To Focus On Quality Coffee

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The people who told us “it’s time to make the donuts!” want to expand their brand into other fast foods. Visit for more information Dunkin’ Donuts today it plans to rebrand itself as “Dunkin’” as part of new CEO Dave Hoffman’s plans to bring beverages and breakfast meals to the forefront of the restaurant […]

Every Starbucks In Jakarta Closes After ISIS Attack

Starbucks Closes After Attack

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Starbucks has closed all 50 of their establishments after a series of coordinated attacks on Thursday [January 14, 2016] claimed to be the work of ISIS. The attacks led to at least two dead in the Indonesian capital. Visit for more information The attackers first struck a police traffic post on […]