Meet The Men Who Dressed Up As Kanye West’s Discography for Halloween

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How Phucking Dope is this? Wayyyy dope   Halloween has sure passed but that doesn’t stop me from giving a shout out to these incredible dudes who dressed up as Kanye West’s discography for Halloween. This creative idea comes goes down as one of the best hip-hop inspired halloween costumes of this year. The who […]

Teen Turns Down Scholarship Because of Violence in Chicago


In recent years, Chicago has been the center of negative news because of the constant violence that occurs there. So much so, many people fear for their lives as they try to live day to day without being killed. Violence has put fear in the residence so much a teen decided to turn down a […]

Professor Fails Entire Class Because of Behavior

Texas AM University   College Station logo

For years, teachers have dealt with unruly students while trying to prepare them for life. Many teachers either failed the students or just dealt with the ignorance of students. One professor had enough and hit the students where it hurts…their grades.

Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston Sign With Nike

jameis winston marcus mariota nike

Nike adds two new members to the family!      Advertisement Nike adds two new members to the Nike family in Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, two of the best quarterbacks coming off the board in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft. Winston who was the Heisman Trophy winner as a freshman in 2013, and Mariota […]

Teen Earns Three Degrees While in High School


Michigan teen earns three degrees before recieving her high school diploma While the internet is filled with many videos displaying teens fighting or committing other acts of violence, one teen is doing something positive with her time and it benefits her future. Michigan teen Jasmine Cofield is about to accomplish something that high school students […]

Stanford Now Offering Free Tuition


Stanford is now offering free tuition to students, so what’s the catch? According to Stanford… none.   Stanford is one of the country’s most prestigious schools, and with that usually comes a hefty price tag.  With an acceptance rate of only 5.05% though, it makes it even harder to get in despite any level of […]

Racist Graffiti Sparks Hate Crime Questions At Lincoln University


Lincoln University students virally react to an act of vandalism of the front gate entrance with the racial slur “N*gg@r” painted in orange spray paint In response to recent racial vandalism, Lincoln university students are taking to social media with the hash-tag #BreakTheInternetLincoln, to show the true spirit of Lincoln’s current student body and alumni. […]

Kanye West Photographer To Sell “College Dropout” Never Before Seen Images

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Vintage Kanye Will Soon Be Available For Purchase      Advertisement How dope is this the celebrity photographer for College Dropout, Danny Clinch is giving fans an opportunity to purchase some vintage hip-hop images including dope shots of Kanye in his College Dropout days. Known as the vintage days for Mr. Yeezus himself. Check out […]

Jim Harbaugh Plays The Piccolo With The Michigan Band


Mr. Harbaugh plays the Piccolo   Uh Oh watch out now. Jim Harbaugh, the new Michigan football head coach visited the Michigan band and also took a halfcourt shot during ESPN’s College GameDay at the Crisler Center. Surprisingly, Mr Harbaugh was not wearing khakis. He seems to be one of the more popular people on […]

Hood Health 101: Hustle Smarter And Go To College For Free!


This edition of Hood Health 101 gives you the resources needed to get a free college education!   “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Advertisement ― Malcolm X   Education, be it formal or informal is vital for anyone to have. I understand […]

The NCAA Has Officially Restored Penn State’s Bowl Eligibility

big ten

Looks like the NCAA has “slipped” under the radar and given Penn State another chance Well in other bizarre football news, it has been made official that the NCAA has decided to lift the postseason ban on Penn State from two seasons ago. The NCAA has finally decided to allow the Nittany Lions to participate […]

Her Source| Why is Breastfeeding In Public Taboo?

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This image has been the cause of debates all over our lovely social medias for the past week. Now this may seem like just a picture of a young woman on her graduation day to you but what has been cropped is her young daughter being breastfed, during the ceremony. If that seems normal to you, […]

Her Source | What Should I Wear for Graduation?


As graduation approaches, most college students are stressing about their finals, friends, careers, and ultimately what they are going to do next with their lives. Are you going to use your degree that you worked hard for? Take over your families’ business? Or just get a job that supports your independent living? Which ever venture your […]