Supreme Court Rejects Efforts To Declare Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Unconstitutional

wiz khalifa

Nebraska and Oklahoma recently set out to declare Colorado’s pot legalization unconstitutional, but it looks like the Supreme Court has rejected it. Visit for more information The two states had originally argued that Colorado’s recreational marijuana law violates federal anti-drug laws. They also claimed the legalization in Colorado is negatively affecting their own drug policies, […]

Colorado School District Threat Causes Canceled Classes

Colorado School District Threat

Officials of a small school district in Colorado, outside of Denver, canceled classes on Monday [February 22] after there was a “threat of significant violence” was cited, according to Reuters. Visit for more information According to reports, “Ellicott School District 22 said in statements on its website and Facebook page that it was working […]

‘I Wish My Teacher Knew’ Assignment Sparks Social Media Convo


“I wish my teacher knew” assignment reveals children’s hardships at a Colorado elementary school Visit for more information Third grade teacher Kyle Schwartz wanted to know about the world her students live in, where 93% of the students qualify for meal assistance. She created a simple assignment, asking her students to complete the phrase […]

Listen Now: “How You Living” Hustle Man Featuring DJ YRS Jerzy


First single off “Real Migo TRAP”, Hustle Man and DJ YRS Jerzy drop “How You Living” Visit for more information Up and coming MC Hustle Man, of the Welcome To The DOPE Game camp, is back with a new release tilted “How you Living”. Keep in tune with what is next to come from […]