Seattle Seahawks Fined $100k for Mishandling Russell Wilson’s Possible Concussion

Seattle Seahawks Fined $100k for Mishandling Russell Wilson's Possible Concussion

The Seattle Seahawks caught some heat earlier this year when Russell Wilson, who appeared to suffer a blow that could have caused a concussion, immediately returned to the field after declining to enter the medical tent during a Nov. 9th game against the Arizonia Cardinals. The NFL and NFLPA investigated the matter and decided to fine the Seahawks $100,000 as a result. […]

‘Concussion’ Doctor Bennet Omalu Willing to Bet O.J. Simpson Has C.T.E.

In recent years, the conversation surrounding concussions in the NFL have certainly intensified, and the league has changed several in-game rules meant to lessen the rate at which NFL players are concussed after a hit. However, it was Will Smith’s holiday mystery-thriller, Concussion, that brought the NFL under international scrutiny, as he portrayed Dr. Bennet […]

NFL Players Can Watch ‘Concussion’ Free Of Charge, Courtesy of Producers

Courtesy of Sony Pictures, current and former NFL players can see the controversial Concussion film for free with their NFLPA card. Not that most of these current and former athletes have a financial need to get their tickets comp’d, but it provides a tad bit more incentive for them to go see the film. It […]

Watch the New Trailer For Will Smith’s ‘Concussion’

Will Smith is the NFL’s public enemy #1 in the new trailer for Concussion, the suspense thriller chronicling the controversial work of Dr. Bennet Omalu, who aimed to bring to light the permanent damage concussions were having on NFL players, resulting in violent outbreaks, depression, and death. The intense trailer, which also features co-stars Alec Baldwin […]