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[WATCH] NFAC Hold Protest at KKK Gathering Site in Georgia On 4th Of July

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As Confederate landmarks around the country are being toppled and removed, a group of armed members of the Not Fuckin Around Coalition (NFAC) held a protest in Stone Mountain, Georgia to call for the Confederate carvings at the state park to be taken down. Visit for more information The gathering site, which has stood […]

Wow! Jussie Smollett Trending Because Some Think Bubba Wallace Faked The Noose Incident

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This morning, Jussie Smollett was trending because of Bubba Wallace. Visit for more information What? Immediately, many thought Smollett was trending because of some new developments in his supposed racial hate crime incident in Chicago back in January 2019. Advertisement However, it was due to speculation that Bubba Wallace had faked his own hate […]

Slim Jxmmi on Racist Mississippi State Flag: ‘Just Take The S–t Down’

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One half of Rae Sremmurd responded to news that the NCAA plans to ban events in Mississippi because of their state flag that honors the confederacy. Slim Jxmmi who is from Tupelo, Mississippi is calling for the removal of the flag saying that Jim Crow is over. Visit for more information “There are too […]

SOURCE SPORTS: NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags After Call From Black Driver Bubba Wallace


Just two days after Bubba Wallace made a statement saying he felt NASCAR should ban fans from flying the Confederate flag at tracks, a ban has been permanently put into effect at all events and properties of the auto-racing giant. Visit for more information On Sunday, Bubba Wallace, the only African American driver racing full-time in any of NASCAR’s top […]

Richard Spencer Leads Protest Against Removal Of Confederate Robert E. Lee’s Statue


 White Nationalist Richard Spencer Leads Torch-Bearing Procession Defending Confederate General’s Statue, check out full video HERE Robert E. Lee was a Confederate General and today’s special rights groups perceive his statue to be a symbol of racism. Spencer – a white supremacist whose motive is to preserve “white heritage.” By leading the protest he hopes to […]

Confederate Flag Flies Next To NCAA Arena In SC


A large Confederate flag is flying from the top of a parking garage next to the arena that’s hosting two men’s NCAA tournament second-round games Sunday evening. Visit for more information The flag is being flown by a small group of protesters, according to the Associated Press, which arrived Sunday morning and plans to […]

Georgia Couple Sentenced To Prison For Racist Threats At Child’s Birthday Party


A judge sentenced a Georgia couple to prison Monday after they were convicted of shouting racial slurs and making armed threats towards a group of African-Americans at a child’s birthday party. Visit for more information Jose Torres, 26, and Kayla Norton, 25, were sentenced to 20 years and 15 years in prison, respectively. The […]

Former U of Cinn Officer Wore a Confederate Flag Shirt While Shooting Sam DuBose

Prosecutors are using a t-shirt bearing the Confederate flag as evidence against a former University of Cincinnati police officer suspected in the death of Sam DuBose. DuBose was fatally shot in July 2015 at a traffic stop. Visit for more information Ray Tensing reportedly wore the shirt under his uniform that very day, says […]

Mississippi Governor Declares April “Confederate Heritage Month”


Though the confederacy lost the civil war and the nation making it illegal to fly the confederate flag publicly last year, some seem dead set on keeping the ethos of the confederation alive. Namely, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. According to the Jackson Free Press, Bryant has just named April to be Confederate Heritage Month. Two […]

Jay Z and Beyonce are Trying to Purchase the Rights to the Confederate Flag

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The Carters have spoken Visit for more information In light of the numerous controversies surrounding the confederate flag, and its prominent display and use in American government and merchandise, several prominent politicians and public figures have come forward to express their discontent with the flag’s continued use, considering it’s oppressive origins. Last week, the […]

Man Rips Confederate Flag Off of a Moving Truck

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All week, the confederate flag has been the topic of discussion, and even high-ranking politicians have chimed in, willing state officials to discontinue their ubiquitous use of the confederate flag, and similar imagery. One guy isn’t waiting for legislation. Visit for more information A pretty awesome video clip surfaced on Instagram depicting a man, […]

African American Woman Supports Confederate Flag, Says Slavery Was a Choice

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One woman is causing quite a stir for showing support of the confederate flag. Visit for more information Karen Cooper, a New York native who lives in Virginia, confirms that she is indeed for the confederate flag because it represents freedom. In an interview with “Battle Flag”, a documentary about the confederate flag, Cooper says […]

KKK To Rally For Confederate Flag


The debate of the controversial confederate flag has hit an all time high with a new report of a group coming together to keep the flag up. According to MSNBC, a North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan has reserved space on the grounds of South Carolina’s State House on July 18th. The chapter, […]

The Confederate Flag Is Taken Down Throughout America

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In the wake of the A.M.E. Church massacre America’s leaders are asking that symbols of the Confederacy be removed from American culture Visit for more information There is a debate on the congress floor, after the Dylann Roof shootings of nine A.M.E Church members last week, regarding the Confederate flag and its symbolism throughout […]

Walmart, Sears, Amazon And eBay To Stop Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise


America’s biggest leading retailers have taken a stand that many did not see coming Visit for more information Today, Walmart, Sears, Amazon, and Sears all announced that they all will be stopping the sale of Confederate flag merchandise shortly after the highly publicized debate over the use of the stars and bars. For those […]