DEA Says That Marijuana Will Remain Illegal As Schedule 1 Drug


Yesterday, the Drug Enforcement Agency announced that it was not rescheduling marijuana, in effect, refusing to recognize marijuana’s medicinal benefits. But in what is viewed as a victory for the marijuana reform movement, the DEA said that it was ending its monopoly on marijuana research. Visit for more information “Keeping marijuana in Schedule I […]

#NoBillNoBreak: Is This The Breaking Point of The Gun Control Debate?

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“If we’re breaking one rule, we might as well break a lot of them.” Visit for more information According to Representative Emanuel Cleaver, these were the words uttered by Congressman John Lewis just moments after House Speaker Paul Ryan adjourned the House of Representatives and shut down it’s live feed to C-Span, cutting the […]

One Week Following Orlando Shooting, US Senate Rejects Four Gun Control Proposals

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It was just one week ago that people everywhere woke up to horrifying news of what is now deemed the worst mass shooting in modern American history, as a gunman entered an Orlando nightclub and proceeded to kill 49 victims while injuring countless more—only one day after rising singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie was gunned down in the […]

CDC: Zika Virus Is “Scarier Than We Initially Thought”

Monday [April 11, 2016], top U.S. health officials expressed their growing concerns with the outbreak of the Zika virus, an epidemic that began to dominate headlines late last year. Visit for more information It was at a White House briefing that they urged Congress to pass the nearly $2 billion in emergency funding for Zika combat that the […]

There Is Officially A Congressional Caucus For Black Women And Girls

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Steps towards Black women and girls getting the attention they deserve in the US Congress are being made. Visit for more information A congressional caucus is defined as a group of people with shared concerns within a political party or larger organization. Congressional caucuses were made to bring legislative awareness to issues worth paying […]

Haitians Lawsuit Against United Nations Over Cholera Continues

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When cholera first appeared in Haiti, it caused massive panic throughout the country. It was reported well over 100,000 people were infected and close to 10,000 people were killed by the disease. Travel advisories were issued to tourists and foreigners with plans going to Haiti. Visit for more information News organizations headed towards the […]

Obama Wants Congress To Pledge $4 Billion For Computer Science To Every K-12 School

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President Barack Obama said on Saturday [January 30] he will ask Congress for more than $4 billion of dollars to help K-12 students learn computer science skills, which in the end, will prepare them for jobs in a changing economy. Visit for more information President Obama is calling this the “Computer Science for All […]

Obama to Launch Executive Actions on Guns


President Barack Obama will be meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday [January 4, 2016] to finalize measures he plans on taking towards gun control. Visit for more information Aware of Congress’ firm opposition to gun control, President Obama will act on his own as he plans to unveil these new executive actions […]

Congress: Turning Prisons Into Profit Now More Than Ever


The US has the largest private prison network in the world, which only seeks to do one thing – generate money for the legislators who created it Visit for more information When the US passed the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program or (PIE) in 1979 to replicate real-world private sector “employment opportunities” for inmates of […]

The NSA Reform Bill Comes To Life As The USA Freedom Act


Visit for more information In 2013, a top was popped off a lid that had been sealed tight for a long time, but how many years, we are not even sure. Edward Snowden had to leave the country after he revealed to the American people what he knew about NSA and it was that serious. What […]

Jesse Jackson Jr. Dismissed From Federal Prison For Halfway Home

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Jesse Jackson Jr. will be released from the Alabama minimum security facility he is currently serving time in for a halfway home in Washington D.C. Visit for more information After being convicted of illegally spending $750,000 in campaign funds and serving a year and a half in prison, former U.S Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. […]