The 14th Amendment: Sadly, It Doesn’t Always Apply to Blacks


Words by Clinton Jackson Visit for more information The 14th Amendment has been such a blessing upon the African-American population within the United States.  As we reflect on the summer, the end of the July gave the country the opportunity to celebrate the amendment’s 150th anniversary of ratification on July 28, 1868.  Since then, […]

White House Chief of Staff: “We’ve Looked At” Amending Free Speech Laws

trump press conference  exlarge

Republican National Committeee Chairman turned White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has revealed that President Trump’s administration has “looked at” the potential of changing libel laws and free speech protections. Visit for more information During a Sunday morning sit down with ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Donald Trump’s March 2017 tweet surroundng the “dishonesty” of […]

Supreme Court To Rule On Lethal Injections

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As more botched lethal injections are being carried out, the US government is now closely monitoring what can be done to remedy an increasingly detrimental situation Visit for more information Wednesday the US Supreme Court was stage to opening arguments in the case of Glossip v. Gross, centering on the mishaps in using the drug […]