Coronavirus Pandemic

US Restricting Air Travel From Parts Of Africa Amid Omicron Variant


The United States is restricting air travel from South Africa and seven other nearby countries over concerns about a new COVID variant. Visit for more information The newly-identified omicron variant was allegedly first detected in South Africa. The South African doctor who fist identified the new omicron variant of the coronavirus says symptoms are […]

NLE Choppa Tells the Public to Stay Away From Vaccines

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While Pfizer vaccines have begun to be distributed throughout the country for the first time since the pandemic began in March, many celebrities and artists are against the vaccines altogether and one notable millennial artist who has gone public with his anti-vaccination advisory is Memphis-raised rapper NLE Choppa. Visit for more information On Sunday, […]

[WATCH] Coronavirus Cases Highest In 6 Weeks: Taking A Turn For The Worse

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Are we still social distancing and staying at home?The number of coronavirus cases reported in the United States topped 7 million over the weekend. At least 204,000 fatalities have been recorded nationwide, and the global death toll is on the brink of reaching 1 million. Visit for more information Experts have cautioned that the […]

[WATCH] Trump Aide: China Used Travelers to ‘Seed Coronavirus Infections

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While scientists and government officials are trying to find a solution to contain the deadly COVID-19 virus, the Trump administration insists that China needs to take responsibility for the pandemic faced by the United States, with at least one aide alleging that China purposely sent infected travelers to American shores. Visit for more information […]

Nas’ Artist Kiing Shooter Reportedly Dies from COVID-19 at 24

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According to several confirmed reports, Nas and his brother Jungle’s artist Queensbridge native Kiing Shooter passed away this week from complications due to Coronavirus. He was 24 years old. Visit for more information Shooter, whose real name is William Daniels, contracted the virus after being hospitalized for liver issues. Williams posted a photo of […]

Tory Lanez Launches ‘Tory Lanez Dream City Fund’ Providing Meals and Diapers During Pandemic

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Today, Grammy-nominated rapper, singer and producer, Tory Lanez, alongside his own The Dream City Project, founded with his father and aimed at helping inspire and mentor the youth, team up with the Dream Center, a charitable organization that provides support to struggling families, individuals, and communities on a daily basis, to launch the Tory Lanez Dream City Fund benefitting COVID-19 relief efforts. […]

NYPD Discover Up to 100 Decomposing Bodies in U-Haul Trucks in Brooklyn

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According to a report from ABC News, the NYPD have discovered at least 50 bodies inside of two unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks outside of a funeral home in Brooklyn, NY yesterday after several people had been calling 911 for weeks about the smell. Visit for more information When the police finally checked the complaint, they […]

Rev. Jessie Jackson Speaks Coronavirus & Failure To Create A Fair Society


BY JESSE JACKSON – “Coronavirus illustrates our failure to create a fair society” Visit for more information The media has just discovered that the coronavirus is far more deadly to blacks and Latinos than to whites. Twice as deadly in New York City, according to the New York Times. Seventy-two percent of the fatalities in […]