[WATCH] Caitlyn Jenner Gets Chased Out Of Convention, Called “Bruce” And “Sick Freak”

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While making an appearance at the CPAC (Conservative Action Political Convention) in Dallas, former olympian and LBGTQ advocate Caitlyn Jenner swiftly exited the hotel where the convention was being held after a man mocker her, repeatedly calling her “Bruce” and “sick freak”. Visit for more information The California gubernatorial candidate was taking pictures with […]

Candace Owens Claims Racism No Longer Exists Because She’s Not A Slave

Candace Owens Calls Black Categories on UberEats, Netflix 'Segregation'

Right-wing cultural critic Candace Owens has made a name for herself for her provocative takes of race, gender, and politics. Because of her views, she has a large and growing audience in Pro-Trump circles. She landed a speaking slot at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on March 1st. Visit for more information In […]