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Nas: Kelis May Try to Flee the Country With My Son


The custody war between the Joneses continues… Queensbridge rap king Nas is requesting that a judge hold his ex-wife Kelis in contempt of court after leaving the country without his permission. The couple agreed in court to share custody of their 10-year-old son Knight last year, but Nas accused Kelis of being illegally controlling their […]

Tyrese Reportedly Bails on Custody Battle Hearing

Tyrese Reportedly Bails on Custody Battle Hearing

Tyrese reportedly didn’t attend his court hearing on Tuesday. Page Six reports that the Fast and Furious star was scheduled to appear in court over the custody battles with his ex wife, Norma Gibson, but he was a no-show. His lawyer Terry Levich Ross, who requested to no longer represent the actor, appeared in the […]

Tyrese Reportedly Skips Out on Visit With His Daughter

Tyrese Spends More Money Than He Actually Earns

Despite the countless videos, crocodile tears, and lengthy emotional captions Tyrese unleashed since he was stripped of his rights to visit his daughter for two months, he reportedly skipped out on a visit with Shayla for the third time. The Blast reported that the Fast and Furious actor had two opportunities to have monitored visits […]

Dame Dash Loses Custody Battle With Ex-Wife

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Hip Hop mogul Dame Dash loses his children after custody battle with ex-wife Rachel Roy According to Hot 97 and TMZ reports, a judge has made a decision in the Dame Dash custody battle with his ex-wife Rachel Roy. Roy was granted full custody and Dash loses the brutal battle after a restraining order was […]