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Former Roc-a-Fella Producer Alleges Dame Dash Tried to Holla at Beyonce

FormerRoc a FellaProducerAllegesDameDashTriedtoHollaatBeyonce

The Surviving R. Kelly docuseries opened up a can of worms. Dame Dash, Nick Cannon, and DJ Funk Flex all got involved when Dame appeared on Nick’s Cannon Class and discussed the relationship with R. Kelly and his late fiance, Aaliyah. Funk Flex dragged Dame referencing a longtime rumor that his former artist, JAY-Z, was […]

Dame Dash Calls For Hot 97 To Fire Funk Flex

Dame Dash via Youtube

Damn wants Funk Flex gone from Hot 97, Period. The former Roc-A-Fella executive has gone on record to call out those who have profited from the culture, without giving back to it. In his most recent interview with Hip-Hop motivator, Dame Dash sticks to his rhetoric when he calls Lyor Cohen a “culture vulture.” Cohen […]

Funk Flex Bashes Dame Dash’s ‘Culture Vulture Talk’

Funk Flex Bashes Dame Dash's 'Culture Vulture Talk'

DJ Funk Flex got dragged by a couple fans after posting an image with DJ Red Alert and YouTube’s Lyor Cohen on Tuesday, December 18th. Hours later, the legendary DJ hopped on the airwaves on Hot 97 to call out Dame Dash, who has previously called his friend Cohen a culture vulture. “That ‘culture vulture’ […]

Dame Dash and Lee Daniels Settle $5 Million Movie Loan Lawsuit


In June, Dame Dash confronted Lee Daniels at Diana Ross’ Hollywood Bowl show in Los Angeles about the $2 million he loaned him to fund his 2005 film, Shadowboxer. After the video of the altercation circulated the Internet, Daniels swore to right his wrongs. After the altercation, Dash filed a $5 million lawsuit for interest and […]

Dame Dash Home is Safe In the Midst of the California Wildfires

Dame Dash and Columbus Short Are Exposing Shady Film Industry Tactics

Words by: Kevin Keise The dangerous wildfire is still taking place in Malibu, California left many celebrity homes in the dust. In fact, the fire that spread along the Pacific Coast Highway burned down every house in the area except for Hip-Hop entrepreneur Dame Dash. Earlier this morning, Dash shared a video via Instagram of […]

The Caucasity: Harvey Weinstein Gets First Victory Against Accuser


OH, THE CAUCASITY OF IT ALL!!!! Shock ripped through the entertainment industry, as many have mixed feelings about one of Harvey Weinstein’s counts in his criminal case being dismissed.  A New York judge threw out count 6 (a charge of a criminal sexual act in the first degree) today, during the fallen movie execs criminal […]

[Watch] Can’t Knock The Hustle: Is Dame Dash Cooking Up Heat for Kanye?

Damon Dash Kanye West

Damon Dash has like 30 different grinds. Author, director, music executive, actor, historian, art curator, reality star, fashion designer, father, YouTuber, influencer, publisher, movie guy, professional wilding-outter, visionary and yep… you guessed it… producer. Producer sounds like a new title, but it is not. When you check out his discography, Dame has been listed as […]

Dame Dash Insists That Lyor Cohen is Still a Culture Vulture

Dame Dash Insists That Lyor Cohen is Still a Culture Vulture

On Wednesday (Aug. 1), previous head of Def Jam Recordings and current YouTube Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen, showed up on The Breakfast Club for an interview and while being asked about signing an artist with a drug addiction, Dame Dash was brought up in the conversation. While Dash and Cohen have a long […]

Lee Daniels Says Mo’Nique is Responsible for Blackballing Herself

Lee Daniels Says Mo'Nique is Responsible for Blackballing Herself

Lee Daniels is taking ownership for not reimbursing Dame Dash for the $2 million he loaned him to launch his directorial career, but he doesn’t want the world to get this situation confused with what happened during his fallout with Mo’Nique. The famed director says it’s time for Mo to ditch the tired narrative that Tyler […]

Lee Daniels Plans to Reimburse Dame Dash for the $2 Million Loan


Earlier this week, Dame Dash publicly confronted Lee Daniels at a Diana Ross concert for never reimbursing him for the $2 million dollars he loaned him to fund his debut film, Shadowbox in 2005. Following the film, Daniels went on to direct Oscar-winning film Precious, The Butler, and the hit show Empire and STAR. In other words, […]

A Quick Look at Why Lil Wayne’s ‘Top 5 Rappers of All Time’ List Is Accurate AF

lil wayne

In his prime, Lil Wayne arguably held the crown as “Best Rapper Alive”. His work ethic for releasing countless mixtapes throughout the years made the self-declaration a strong-yet-valid statement. From revolutionizing the way the world actually perceives mixtapes, to ushering Drake and Nicki Minaj into the spotlight as soon-to-be legends in their own right, the overall consistency […]

Kanye West Set To Design Clothing For Damon Dash “Honor Up” New Film

honor up

Words by Darralyn Buford We know rapper Kanye West is big on fashion, ever since Yeezy Season clothing line back in 2015. Kanye is currently working on a new project, designing exclusive merchandise for Damon Dash’s upcoming film, Honor Up. #NewMerch designed by Kanye West for last nights premier of Dame Dash’s new film “HONOR […]