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Nas,The Roots And DJ Premier Join Dave Chappelle At Radio Music Hall

Nas and Dave

Comedian Dave Chappelle has been MIA for the past decade, but the D.C. native is back on his grind after selling out five consecutive shows at Radio Music Hall. According to Radiocity.com, the hip-hop head has snatched up hip-hop legends Nas, The Roots and DJ Premier to perform with a full orchestra at RMC.  Also, […]

Dave Chappelle Visits David Letterman, Talks About Leaving Show


A visibly stockier Dave Chappelle  sat across David Letterman, for a rare public television appearance on the Late Show. The two comedians share a past history of comradery , which was clearly evident and made plain for the world to see, when Chappelle grabbed the host’s hand at the end, thanking him for the opportunity. While it was a nice […]

New York City Beware: Dave Chappelle Is Coming Back


It is incredible to think that nearly a decade after his hit series, The Chappelle Show, aired its last episode that Dave Chappelle still holds such a powerful grip on the cultural landscape. Some of his most famous goofy skits have become part of our lexicon, including his hilarious spoofs as both Lil Jon and Prince. When he stepped away from […]

Throwback Movie Thursday: Half Baked

half baked movie poster 1997 1020204116

Taking it back to ’98, TheSource.com gives you another hit from the stoner-comedy genre with the Dave Chappelle written screenplay, “Half Baked.” Doing poorly with critics with a 29% on RottenTomatoes, yet becoming a huge hit with the audience and landing on Bravo’s “100 Funniest Movies,” “Half Baked” has had polarizing reception.  “Half Baked,” follows […]

Unreleased Footage Of The Beastie Boys Performing On The Chappelle Show

Three days after the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch, Neal Brennan, co-creator of Chappelle’s Show drops an unreleased clip of The Beastie Boys. The trio performed “The New Style” back in 2004 but was never released.  Check out The Beastie Boys on The Chappelle Show with the scenic look of NYC in the background. Advertisement […]

Chris Rock Talks Possible Tour With Dave Chappelle

Chris Rock wants to go on a comedy tour again and this time he wants Dave Chappelle to be apart of the tour as well. Chris Rock sat down and told Vulture that Kanye and Jay-Z are the inspiration behind this idea. I think everyone can agree that we are hoping that this tour does […]