Delta Airlines Upgrades Black Passenger After Being Harassed By White Flyer

Delta Airlines Upgrades Black Passenger After Being Harassed By White Flyer

A local Minneapolis woman is applauding Delta Airlines taking a stance against racism and discrimination. Visit for more information Last week, 25-year-old Demetria Poe took a flight from Minneapolis to Washington D.C. to attend the Commitment March. On her flight, she was berated by a Karen, who switched her American flag facemask for a […]

Delta Flight Plunges 30,000 Ft in 7 Minutes During Emergency Landing


People began panicking when a Delta aircraft plunged 29,000 feet for seven minutes. Oxygen masks were deployed, people began texting their loved ones, it was a terrifying scene. Visit for more information The flight was flying from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale and it was midway through when it rapidly dropped from an altitude 39,000 […]

Migos Removed From Delta Flight, Manager Claims Racial Profiling

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ATL’s favorite trio Migos was removed from a Delta flight on Friday, just hours before a concert, and their manager is reportedly accusing the airline of racial profiling. Visit for more information Migos were on a flight from Atlanta to Des Moines, Iowa, but the plane returned to the gate before it departed to […]

Muslims Kicked Off Delta Airlines Goes Viral And Obama Administration Takes Action

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There are consistent issues breaking news in the United States on Muslims. Another act of discrimination goes viral and it is understood where both the president and newly elect stands on this matter. Visit for more information Today [Dec. 22nd] President Barack Obama‘s administration have released that they will be ending the program directed […]

Plane Skids Off Runaway Landing At LaGuardia Airport


A plane landing at LaGuardia Airport skidded off a runway and crashed into a fence Thursday morning, officials and witnesses said. Visit for more information There were 127 passengers and five crew members on Delta flight 1086, an MD-88 that was headed to New York from Atlanta, Georgia. The plane slid off the snowy […]