Stacey Abrams Announces Ambitions To Run For President

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Over the past couple of years you may have heard Stacey Abrams name. The political leader served in Georgia politics for more than 11 years and was the Democratic nominee for Governor of the peach state in 2018. Most recently the New York Times bestselling author is recognized for playing an instrumental role in flipping Georgia […]

Meghan Markle is Reportedly Considering Running For United States President

Meghan Markle's Father Accused of Staging Photos Ahead of Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle has ambitions to become the first female President of the United States. Daily Mail reports that she’s networking with Senior Democrats and hopes that her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey will strengthen her support in the states. Visit for more information A senior UK politician who served under former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair […]

EXCLUSIVE: Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Says Lauryn Hill is the Best Hip-Hop Artist Ever and She Knows How to Beat Trump in 2020

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With just over a week until Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential hopefuls are doing whatever it takes to court undecided voters in an attempt to secure the party nomination (and hopefully a seat in the Oval Office). On Friday, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard held a town hall event in Utah where she stressed non-partisanship, unity, and […]

Kamala Harris Confirms the End of Her Presidential Campaign

Kamala Harris' Team Reportedly Blind Sided by Vogue Cover

Kamala Harris is officially out of the 2020 Presidential campaign. Visit for more information She tweeted a screenshot of an email to her supporters announcing her decision. “I want to be clear: although I am no longer running for President, I will do everything in my power to defeat Donald Trump and fight for the future […]

Rapper Turned Politician Defends His Decade-Old Lyrics as He Campaigns for Congress

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A Democratic nominee campaigning for an upstate New York congressional seat had no apologies for the hardcore lyrics he rapped more than a decade ago. Visit for more information Antonio Delgado, formerly AD The Voice, defended his music on Monday, accusing his incumbent GOP rival for the 19th congressional district of taking his lyrics […]

WATCH: Sen. Al Franken Announces His Resignation Amid Sexual Allegations

Al Franken Announces His Resignation Amid Sexual Allegations

Senator Al Franken was accused by yet another woman of sexual misconduct on Wednesday. The anonymous victim told Politico that the senator tried to kiss her after she made an appearance on his radio show in 2006, prior to his election. Franken denied the allegations: This allegation is categorically not true and the idea that […]

Court Blocks North Carolina ID Law That Disenfranchised Black Voters


On Friday [July 29] a federal appeals court blocked legislation in North Carolina that requires voters to show identification after discovering that it disproportionately affected voters of color in comparison to their white counterparts, making it more difficult for Black voters to cast their ballot. Visit for more information This ruling comes as the […]

New Poll: Voters Are Going to The Ballot Only to Keep The Other Party from Winning


In this wacky playing field that has been the 2016 presidential campaign, this new finding in a poll released Thursday comes really as no surprise. Visit for more information It seems both the Democratic and Republican parties have effectively failed at energizing voters overall, and now one of the main factors getting voters to […]

Here’s What Ted Cruz’s Withdrawal Means for The Democratic Party


Ted Cruz was losing power. Visit for more information With his plan towards grasping the GOP nomination quickly unraveling in recent weeks, the Texas-bred senator’s path became less and less inviting, and last night [Tuesday, May 3] he stepped down, hand-delivering the nomination to Donald Trump. Following an overwhelming defeat in Indiana’s Republican primary on […]

Donald Trump Thinks Beating Hillary Will Be “Easy.” Think Again.


With the race winding down and all signs pointing to Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, the real estate mogul is now looking to shift his gears towards a new set of voters: Bernie Sanders supporters. Visit for more information It seems pretty inevitable Trump will be squaring off with Hillary Clinton come next […]

Could This Be the End? Bernie Sanders Begins Laying Off Campaign Staffers

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Bernie Sanders‘ campaign is now nearly 200 workers lighter as the race towards the Democratic nomination begins to draw to a close. It was on Wednesday [April 27, 2016] that Sanders told the New York Times that the campaign that was once numbered at over 1,000 went from the 550 remaining staffers to somewhere between 325 to […]

Here’s What’s At Stake In Today’s Primaries

Today [Tuesday, April 26] voters will take to the polls in the states of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware. For Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, this means the opportunity to score some pretty big wins, further widening the gap between themselves and their opponents. Visit for more information On the Republican side […]

What To Look For In Today’s New York Primary


Today [Tuesday, April 19] all eyes are settled on New York as the state holds both the Democratic and Republican primaries. Visit for more information With a substantial amount of delegates up for grabs—291 for Democrats and 95 for Republicans—candidates will be looking to distance themselves in this race with a significant victory. Donald Trump and […]

South Carolina Is Here, and Here’s What You Should Be Looking For

Tonight’s [Saturday, February 27] Democratic primary in South Carolina will end at approximately 7pm EST, and with that closing, we will get a final glimpse into the political landscape for the Democratic party before voters take to the polls on Super Tuesday. Visit for more information While Hillary Clinton has won two of the […]

The Sanders-Clinton Gap Continues to Narrow in South Carolina


Bernie Sanders is being outfitted with a following of Black supporters, activists, and leaders getting stronger and stronger with each passing second. Visit for more information It was no more than 10 days ago that Hillary Clinton revealed a $125 billion plan to counter systemic racism and support poor, minority communities while speaking in Harlem. A shrewd and timely maneuver […]

Here’s What Happened in South Carolina and Nevada and What It Means

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Yesterday [February 20, 2015] marked the third time voters took to the polls as the Democratic and Republican parties held primaries in Nevada and South Carolina, respectively. Visit for more information The voting in South Carolina was shadowed by the looming question of whether or not Donald Trump might seriously be on his way […]

Is Bernie Sanders Scared to Address Black People and Black Issues?


Friday evening [February 12, 2016], Bernie Sanders entered what seemed to be neutral territory when he decided to attend a “Community Forum on Black America” in Minneapolis. Visit for more information What could have been a full house of minority supporters with a clear view of Sanders’ agenda for Black Americans was a school gym […]

Tonight’s Democratic Debate Is All About the Black Vote

Almost by default, Hillary Clinton has garnered the support of the Democratic Black voter since the beginning of the race to the White house, and many African American leaders have often criticized Senator Bernie Sanders for being “missing in action” on what matters to Blacks. Visit for more information Now, the power of the Black […]

Here’s What Happened In the Iowa Caucuses and What It All Means


Monday night [February 1, 2016], the Iowa caucuses came to a close, kicking the presidential campaign into high gear while dramatically shifting it from a race that seemed to be in favor of certain candidates to one of great uncertainty. Visit for more information A quick recap will show you Senator Bernie Sanders and […]