Hillary Clinton Wins Tuesday Primaries; Bernie Sanders Staying For The Long Haul

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Last night [Tuesday, April 26], Hillary Clinton walked away with four states in her back pocket as Bernie Sanders managed to take hold of Rhode Island while holding down a slim margin between himself and former Secretary Clinton in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland. Visit for more information While all signs would point to […]

Here’s What’s At Stake In Today’s Primaries

Today [Tuesday, April 26] voters will take to the polls in the states of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware. For Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, this means the opportunity to score some pretty big wins, further widening the gap between themselves and their opponents. Visit for more information On the Republican side […]

Why The Black Vote Very Much Matters in New York

Why The Black Vote Very Much Matters in New York

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been fighting fiercely to appeal to the Black vote ahead of New York’s primary contests on April 19, and the results seem pretty cloudy. Visit for more information No matter who ends up on the ballot come November 2016, the Democratic party will have to both entice and […]

The African-American Gap Between Clinton and Sanders Is Getting Smaller


Here’s something you might be interested in. Visit for more information In late February, polls had Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders among African-Americans by 52 points in Wisconsin. Fast-forward a month later, and Clinton’s lead diminished to a nine-point lead, and by March 31, a new Public Policy poll had Sanders leading in African-American […]

David Banner Questions Hillary Clinton’s “Super Predator” Remarks

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Hillary Clinton has received support from a handful of artists like K. Michelle and Waka Flocka but David Banner recently questioned the Democratic candidate about controversial remarks she made 20 years ago. Visit for more information Yesterday [Tuesday March 8] Banner took to Twitter (and Instagram) to ask Mrs. Clinton the following questions pertaining to her comments […]

All Eyes On The Second Round of Super Tuesday

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‘Super Tuesday 2’ is upon us and today we will witness whether or not the two respective front runners can hold their places as top presidential hopefuls. Visit for more information Hillary Clinton will be looking to capture the win in Michigan against opponent Bernie Sanders as a means of creating the momentum she hopes […]

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina Primary


This week’s recurrent theme has been the Black vote, and which Democratic candidate would succeed at grasping it. Visit for more information As predicted by entrance polls, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the South Carolina Democratic primary tonight [Saturday, February 27] in a very significant shift in the Democratic race. This now […]

Why the Black Vote Really Matters in 2016

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Sunday [February 21, 2016], Bernie Sanders traveled to West Columbia, South Carolina as he joined some 300 patrons of a historically Black Baptist church during a post-service dinner. Visit for more information The stop was his first since losing the vote to Hillary Clinton in Nevada, and the first among many before voters in […]

Bernie Sanders Is Closing The Gap Between Hillary Clinton In National Polls

For the majority of the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the democratic nominee, Clinton held a commanding lead in national polls. As the race carries on, the space between the two has narrowed heavily. According Reuters/Ipsos polls, she is hanging 48-45 percent. Also, Quinnipiac University’s poll showed Hillary up 44-42 as of […]