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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Praises State Troopers For Keeping Haitian Migrants From Crossing The Border

Governor Greg Abbot Haitians Seek Asylum Rio Grande River Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is praising state troopers for erecting a temporary barrier to keep people from crossing the Mexican border. Visit for more information The Republican governor told reporters today DPS and the Texas National Guard lined an area near Del Rio with vehicles, essentially sealing it from entry. Abbott says that “steel […]

Supreme Court Allow Trump Travel Ban to Take Partial Effect

Supreme Court Allow Trump Travel Ban To Take Partial Effect

On Monday (Nov. 13th), the Supreme Court ruled that President Donald Trump’s third attempted travel ban will go into partial effect. This grants the government the ability to keep travelers from the six-central Muslim countries from coming into the United States, temporarily. Visit for more information In order for a foreign nation to gain […]

Dept. Of Homeland Security Calls For Tighter Airline Security


Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has initiated enhanced security screenings for all global commercial flights inbound for the US. They include “seen and unseen” measures meant to avoid a total ban on laptops and other electronic devices. Visit for more information Kelly confirmed the anticipated tightening of air travel security measures at the Council […]

Man On Fire: A Former Federal Agent Puts The Breaks On Global Child Trafficking

Tim Balcony CU

Human trafficking generates $32 billion a year off the backs of more than 27 million people—and nearly two million of them are children. Former CIA and Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard is on a global crusade to save each and every child, and bankrupt the entire trafficking system. Visit for more information To help fortify […]

Handgun Made to Look Like A Smartphone Raises Safety Concerns


In what is perhaps one the most thoughtless and socially irresponsible inventions ever conceived, a Minnesota company going by the name of Ideal Conceal has issued a .380-caliber handgun that looks almost exactly like a smartphone. Visit for more information Kirk Kjellberg, creator of the gun, wanted to devise a solution for carrying his gun […]

Hackers Publish 20,000 FBI Employees’ Contact Info


Moments after the opening kickoff of Super Bowl Sunday, a hacker made good on a promise to publish a list of more than 20,000 agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security officers. Visit for more information “Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza,“ were a part of the hacker’s message, […]

U.S. To Begin Nationwide Immigration Raids Early Next Year


According to the Dept. of Homeland Security, ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will begin raids that will be targeting hundreds of families that have come into the country since the start of last year. Visit for more information The raids, which will begin in January, is the first mass deportation of its kind that will […]