Derek chauvin verdict

Brett Favre: I Believe Derek Chauvin Didn’t Mean to Kill George Floyd

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NFL Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre is in hot water because of his seemingly inconsiderate remarks on his podcast, stating that he doesn’t believe that convicted killer Derek Chauvin did not mean to kill 46-year-old unarmed George Floyd. Visit for more information On his most recent episode of Boiling With Favre this week, […]

Fox News Anchor On Derek Chauvin Verdict: “Is Foot Locker Safe Tonight?”

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Fox News’ Tomi Lahren took to social media to weigh in on former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict for the death of George Floyd and even though she says she didn’t disagree with it, her response lets you know she’s not happy about it. Visit for more information Following Chauvin’s guilty verdict […]