Derek Chauvin

Minnesota Attorney General Seeks Harsher Sentence Against George Floyd’s Murderer

Derek Chauvin Requests Probation As Prosecutors Seek 30-Year Sentence

Prosecutors plan on seeking a harsher sentence for Derek Chauvin, one of the men who is charged with murdering George Floyd. Visit for more information According to legal documents acquired by TMZ, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison made Judge Peter Cahill aware of his decision to push for a harsher sentence for Chauvin for […]

[WATCH] Bodycam Footage Released Of George Floyd’s Entire Arrest

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Exclusively from UK’s The Daily Mail, footage from a police bodycam has been released, which shows George Floyd’s entire arrest. The leaked tapes show 46-year-old Floyd pleading with the cops not to shoot him, while they ignored him and shouted profanities at him. Visit for more information The footage, from the bodycams of former […]

Minneapolis Police Condemn George Floyd’s Killer in Open Letter to Citizens

Derek Chauvin plea deal

The Minneapolis police are speaking out against the former officer responsible for the death of George Floyd. In an open letter to the people of the city, the Minneapolis Police Department attempts to sympathize and unite with the citizens. Visit for more information “We wholeheartedly condemn Derek Chauvin. Derek Chauvin failed as a human […]

Former Officer Derek Chauvin’s Bail is Set at $1.25 for George Floyd’s Murder


Former Minneapolis officer, Derek Chauvin, who is notoriously known for lynching George Floyd, had his bail set at $1.25 million following a Monday bail hearing. Visit for more information Chauvin agreed to a reduced bail of $1 million if he agreed to not work in security or law enforcement, surrender all firearms and permits, […]

I Can’t Breathe – Another Lynching in Broad Daylight


‘I can’t breathe – The murder of George Floyd was a lynching in broad daylight.’ The signs say, Black Lives Matter. Yet the very people who are supposed to protect us too often, in too many places, don’t seem to agree. Visit for more information By Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.President and Founder – Rainbow PUSH […]

Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin Bail Set at $500,000


The officer directly responsible for the death of George Floyd received a set bail on Saturday. Derek Chauvin The former Minnesota cop has had his bail set at $500,000. The former Minnesota cop is currently being held at Ramsey County Jail in St. Paul. Visit for more information As of now, Chauvin has not […]

Val Demings to Officers in Washington Post Op-Ed: ‘Think Before You Act!


Rebellions, protests, and more have sparked across the nation since the death of George Floyd at the hands of members of the Minneapolis Police Department. Visit for more information Friday (May 29), the arresting officer, Derek Chauvin, who placed his knee in the neck of Floyd was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and […]

[WATCH] Hundreds Of National Guard, Police Officers Protect Home of Officer Who Put George Floyd in ‘Blood Choke’


As tempers and emotions continue to explode across the country over the police-related death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, video footage has surfaced of hundreds of police officers standing on guard outside of the home of Derek Chauvin. Visit for more information In shocking video footage recorded by local citizens, hundreds of National Guard […]