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Krystaps Porzingis Signs A Multi-Year Deal With Adidas

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Be prepared for basketball’s unicorn known as “Godzingis” to rock the 3 stripes on his feet. Visit for more information With the NBA regular season just 3 weeks away, franchises and players are putting together the final pieces of a run to a successful season. While some players are fighting for minutes and a […]

Will Kanye Begin Designing Shoes For Adidas NBA Stars?


Outside of the highly sought after Yeezy Boost from Kanye West, we can’t forget Adidas has signed some of the sports world’s most influential players. In 2012 Derrick Rose signed a lifetime (14 year) deal with Adidas for a reported $260 million. Back in August of 2015, James Harden signed a $200 million deal with […]

Jimmy Butler on the Derrick Rose Trade: “I Knew it Had to Be One of Us”

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Free agency doesn’t kick off until 12:01 a.m. tomorrow, but it’s worth noting that this offseason has already been a circus. The Pacers and Hawks move their starting point guards, the Bulls sent their franchise player to the Knicks, and the Thunder traded Serge Ibaka. It’s been a wild week, and it’s only about to […]

It Looks Like Joakim Noah is Ready to Sign With the New York Knicks

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The New York Knicks have been among the busiest teams in the league during this very young 2016 offseason, and they’ll be significantly improved for the 2016-2017 season because of it. They shed fringe pieces for a former MVP and a perennial All-Star (when healthy) in Derrick Rose, and Phil Jackson appears to be gunning […]

Are The New York Knicks Looking To Sign Joakim Noah?

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The basketball world was abuzz yesterday when it was revealed that the New York Knicks had acquired former league MVP Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls via trade. Aside from the fact that Rose has had difficulty remaining on the floor during the past few seasons, it is still an upgrade at the point guard […]

The Bulls Have Traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks

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The Knicks are making moves, people! Visit for more information Though they suffered through another cellar-dwelling season this year, Knicks faithful were elated to see the emergence of their first-round draft pick last year, Kristaps Porzingis, who likely would have won Rookie of the Year had it not been for the ridiculous season Karl Anthony-Towns […]

Derrick Rose On Sitting Out: “It’s All Part Of The Process”


Since his 2011 MVP season, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has missed 212 games over the past four seasons due to three knee surgeries, a fractured left orbital bone in his face and several other knick-knack injuries. Visit for more information Although Rose is still trying to regain his form, odds are the return of […]

Derrick Rose Says His Son Is The Reason He’s Motivated Again

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, the former NBA MVP of the 2011 season, has fallen from the upper echelon of the NBA from a mixture of bad luck and decisions regarding his injuries. Visit for more information Because Rose is only a shell of his elite self he’s been a lightening rod for […]

Derrick Rose Wears Son’s Meme’d Face On a Post-Game T-Shirt

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The internet is an amazing place, and when it collides with people in the corridors of real life, only greatness ensues. Visit for more information Remember a couple days ago, when a guy managed to tag the Netflix sign at their California headquarters with “and chill,” ensuring that the hashtag sensation would remain a figment […]

Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose Accused Of Gang Rape By Ex-Girlfriend

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Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose has had quite his share of hardships in recent years. Suffering consecutive injuries that sidelined him for the past few seasons, he hasn’t been on the court. With that said, Rose was one of the top athletes with major endorsements in the world, a fixture on television even […]

What We Learned In Sports This Week (May 8-May 15)

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Visit for more information From buzzer-beaters, to beating the air out of footballs, it has been another crazy week in sports. Most of the sports talk has revolved around the fall from grace of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was found to be “more than probable”  in the Deflatgate scandal. However, so much more […]

Derrick Rose Beats the Cavs with a Shot for the Ages

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A defining moment in the former MVP’s career comes at the perfect time Visit for more information Every time Derrick Rose steps on the court, Bulls fans nationwide say a little prayer. They’re probably not even conscious of it anymore. All season, win or lose, they’d claim small victories when their star point guard […]

Derrick Rose Isn’t Playing Games, Evidenced by his Post-Game Interview

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Visit for more information Derrick Rose is with the sh*ts, ladies and gentlemen Though he suffered an injury towards the end of the regular season that sidelined him for about a month, Derrick Rose is back on the court in the NBA Playoffs, and he’s anchored his Chicago Bulls’ resilient play en route to […]