Need Calcium? Try These Calcium Infused Greens

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If you need calcium but want to skip the dairy, these greens will do the trick. Some of us love our coffee creamers (more like chemicals), cheese, and yogurt, but did you know that dairy causes excess mucus? This eventually will build up in the intestines and harden. Dairy also creates digestive issues and this […]

The Early Morning Boost Drink For Your Health

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Most of us have a regular morning routine and our go-to beverage to give us an extra boost. Have you tried warm lemon water? It might not sound as delicious as that latte, but the health benefits will have you reaching for this citrus-infused drink daily. When you drink hot lemon water first thing in […]

Young M.A Loses 20 Pounds in 2 Months With New Diet


Words by Roman White If you follow Young MA on Instagram, you’ll notice that she looks a lot slimmer these days. The Brooklyn MC took notice to comments about her weight loss and addressed her followers directly on Instagram Tuesday. “To all my supporters that keep saying I lost weight.. yes it was on purpose,” […]

Kim Kardashian Kicks It Up A Notch With Her Weight Loss Plan


Remember when we told you Kim Kardashian has been on a diet craze to lose weight? According to Radar Online, Kim just kicked thinga up a notch, following an even more strict diet in order to shed her pregnancy weight. It’s reported Kanye West continuously tells Kim how hot her body was before she bore […]