Philly Dominicana Artist Distortedd Collabs With Reebok InstaPump Fury


Dominican Philly graphic designer Distortedd, also known as Anhia Santana, has collaborated with Reebok for her version of the InstaPump Fury shoes. Reebok released a description of the design, calling it “Fluid and fresh”. The sneakers are said to reflect her creative vision as she works to break standards in the art world. Visit streaming.thesource.com […]

Distortedd Releases a Trippy ‘Menace II Society’ Themed Collection


“..and a double burger with cheese.” Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The 90’s saw a wellspring of what is regularly and affectionately classified as “hood films”. These classic movies such as Boyz N The Hood, South Central and Juice have maintained relevancy throughout the years for the many quotables and iconic scenes from them. Inspired by 1993’s Menace II […]

Distortedd Releases A Limited Winter Clothing Collection

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Artist Distortedd, who was recently featured in our Concrete Canvas series, has released a Winter Collection of clothes bearing her some of her most notable designs. The three-piece capsule collection consists of a jacket, a hoodie and a crewneck, emblazoned with her distorted versions of characters from Pokemon, PowerPuff Girls, and Dragon Ball Z. The super limited items are available now […]

Concrete Canvas: Distortedd


The world is not always a beautiful place. Artists from every generation have used art to encapsulate the twisted and the not-so-beautiful — from Salvador Dali’s mind-warping surrealist portraits to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s unpolished, abstract scrawlings. The beauty of art is that it is its own dimension. One in which reality and a person’s perception of […]

Distortedd Releases an Insane Dragon Ball Z-Inspired Art Collection


Remember 5th grade? Racing home after school to catch back to back episodes of Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network’s Toonami? Then going to school the next day and running through pages and pages of looseleaf drawing characters from the show to hang on your bedroom wall? Well this isn’t that. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information […]