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Denver-Based Organic Farmer/Vegan Chef/ DJ Cavem Moetavation Drops His Visual For “1 For The Hood” For Earth Day

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WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE The family that gardens together, grows together. This seems to be the building block for Mile High City-based “Doctor DJ” Cavem Moetavation, emcee, producer, vegan chef, father and husband who encourages a plant-based lifestyle centered around Hip Hop culture. Cavem and his wife Alkemia have been proactively steering their activism through Hip Hop […]

Hood Health 101: Coconut S.P. Protein Shake Recipe

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WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE What is S.P? This shake is in reflection of this time of year, which is transformation. Spice and pumpkin for one. S.P. also stands for the beloved Sean Price, and who we dedicate this recipe to. He’s one of the latest to pass from a health related illness. Let us be grateful […] PREMIERE: DJ Cavem’s “Cool To Live Video

DJ Cavem's "Cool To Live Video | The Source

WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE Just in time for the fall harvest and a reminder of healthy living, Denver’s own DJ Cavem presents the visual for his “Cool To Live” track from his forthcoming project, The Produce Section. The emcee, b-boy, yogi, environmental activist, educator, speaker and all around O.G.(Organic Gardener) recruited Dave Chappelle Block Party favorite […]