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Donald Sterling Sues Ex-Lover, TMZ over Leaked Tapes.


Former Clipper owner Donald Sterling is trying to get back the people that took him down. According to TMZ, Sterling is suing V. Stiviano and TMZ over the recording and publishing of a conversation he had with Stiviano. Visit for more information Sterling filed the lawsuit Friday in L.A. … claiming Stiviano “surreptitiously” recorded their convo sometime […]

Donald Sterling Says He Could Sell the Clippers For $5 Billion

Donald Sterling Sues

After missing day one of the hearing, Donald Sterling rolled into the courtroom on Tuesday to plead his case on who gets to sell the Clippers.  His wife Shelly Sterling struck a deal with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to sell the Clippers for $2 billion.  Shelly believed she had the right to complete the […]

Donald Sterling Once Tried to Ruin Chris Paul’s Marriage

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It’s been known by some that Donald Sterling has some weird eccentricities and traits that many would find repugnant.  However with the release of racist tapes by his girlfriend/right hand or whatever she wants to be called, V. Stiviano exposed the world to who Sterling really is and since then more stories have risen. Visit […]

Magic & Cookie Johnson Speak About Love and Donald Sterling!


Former NBA Baller Magic Johnson and his beautiful wife Cookie have been married for a solid 22 years! Although, the ride has been tumultuous, the two guarantee that every moment and indiscretion has been worth it to finally be able to enjoy this moment.  Visit for more information Amid the Donald Sterling controversy and […]

Donald Sterling Is Really Trying To Impede The Sale Of The Clippers


#ByeFelicia.  Visit for more information Last week it seemed Donald Sterling had finally accepted the decision to sell his team, however he has apparently had a change of heart. Sterling is holding off on signing away his team to new Clippers owner designate Steve Ballmer, in the hopes that his lifetime ban and 25 […]

Former Lover/Employee Files Lawsuit Accusing Donald Sterling of Racism & Trying to Exchange Money for Sex

Maiko Maya King

Legal troubles continue to mount for former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  A new woman Maiko Maya King has come forward claiming to have had a romantic and professional relationship with Sterling from 2005-2011.  King is now suing Sterling claiming he fired her after she rejected his racist and sexual taunts. Visit for more […]

V. Stiviano, Mistress Of Donald Sterling Who Leaked Racist Rants, Assaulted In NYC


Visit for more information Disheartening. V. Stiviano has been in the news just as much as her alleged former boyfriend, Donald Sterling, after leaking his racist rants to TMZ and revealing to paparazzi cameras in a separate incident that “black people don’t know what to do with money”. This time, she’s made headlines for […]

Plot Twist, V. Stiviano On Tape Talking Badly About Black People


V. Stiviano was the woman behind the released audio of former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  On the audio Sterling can be heard making racist remarks towards black people and telling Stiviano not to bring them to Clippers games.  The notorious tapes led to Sterling’s oust from the NBA, the sale of the team and […]

Donald Sterling Sues NBA, Which Has Already Countered

Donald Sterling Sues

Visit for more information Los Angeles Clippers (still technically current owner) Donald Sterling filed a federal lawsuit Friday against the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver, alleging breach of contract and a violation of his constitutional rights after the league banned him last month for making racially charged comments in a privately recorded conversation with […]

Does Donald Sterling Have Alzheimers?

Visit for more information That would explain…a lot. The Donald Sterling saga has all but come to a close, with Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft, set to purchase the team for $2 Billion dollars–there’s a running joke that he’ll pay with two 1 Billion dollar bills–and Shelly Sterling has co-operated with the […]

Donald Sterling Plans to File $1 Billion Lawsuit Against the NBA

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling plans to file a $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA according to his attorney Max Blecher and confirmed to Yahoo Sports. Visit for more information The news comes one day after Sterling’s wife Shelly reached an agreement with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to sell the team for […]

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Buy the Clippers for $2 Billion

la sp steve ballmer

The Donald Sterling and Los Angeles Clippers saga may finally be coming to an end.  Reports previously surfaced that Sterling gave permission to his wife Shelly to sell the team.  Adam Silver and the Board of Governors were reportedly willing to hold off on the oust of Sterling if the team was successfully sold and […]