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Joe Exotic Asks President Trump for Pardon, Says He Was Sexually Assaulted


Joe Exotic is currently petitioning President Donald Trump for a pardon of his 22-year murder-for-hire sentence. TMZ reports Exotic and his legal team has submitted a 257-page document to the Trump administration with the main claim for his release is from being sexually assaulted behind bars. “I have been sexually assaulted by jail staff, beat […]

Donald Trump Jr. at RNC: ‘We must put an end to racism’

Trump Jr. at RNC: 'We must put an end to racism'

Donald Trump Jr. spoke earlier this week at the Republican National Convention and while he took aim at Joe Biden calling him the “Loch Ness Monster of the swamp,” he also spoke against racism. During his Monday speech, President Trump’s son stated “All men and women are created equal and must be treated equally under […]

Donald Trump Jr. Reprimanded By Twitter For COVID-19 Misinformation

Trump Jr. at RNC: 'We must put an end to racism'

Donald Trump Jr. has been reprimanded by Twitter for violating the social media platform rules about spreading misinformation. Trump Jr. tweeted the link to a video related to the drug Hydroxychloroquine that his father has pushed as a potential cure for COVID-19. For half of Tuesday, the oldest son of the president will be unable […]

Whoopi Goldberg and The Ladies of ‘The View’ Check Donald Trump Jr.

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The View is known for creating interesting political dialogue. Mostly because Whoopi and her crew won’t allow anyone to get on the platform and bull crap the American people. On Thursday, Nov. 7th, Donald Trump Jr. came on the show and tried to push his book and protect his father’s legacy. Wrong decision… wrong, wrong, […]

Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Taken to Hospital After Receiving Suspicious Letter


On Monday, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa Trump, 40, was taken to New York- Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center after opening a package that was sent to her home. This package contained an unknown white powder, according to authorities. The letter was postmarked from Boston and was addressed to Trump Jr. It contained a note indicating […]

Donald Trump Jr. Takes a Shot at Eminem on Twitter in Response to Interview

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Words by Roman White Donald Trump Jr. went to Twitter on Tuesday to take a shot at Eminem after the rapper claimed he was awaiting a response from Trump Jr.’s father and President of the United States, Donald Trump. Vulture released an interview with the Detroit rapper on Monday in which Em discussed how the current POTUS makes his […]

Trump Says Don Jr. is “Innocent” Despite Email Scandal


The US president, Donald Trump, has described the storm over his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer as “the greatest witch-hunt in political history” and “sad!” In a typically combative tweet, Trump praised Donald Trump Jr and said “my son Donald did a good job last night” when he appeared on Fox News. “He was […]