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Omarosa Publicly Suggests Trump is Out for Revenge

As the debate continues to surround the highly contentious impeachment hearings, former White House official Omarosa Manigault Newman is sharing her thoughts on what her former reality star-turned president boss, Donald Trump, may be thinking heading into the holiday season: revenge. Newman joined MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson in a segment yesterday in which she shared her […]

House to Vote on Impeachment and Dems Taking No Shorts

Ever since the 2016 election, many have said that the man who “won” the seat of the presidency was corrupt- even going as far to assert that he has stolen the office. The problem… they have had no real evidence. That is until now, and now that they have something that Dems believe is strong […]

Donald Trump Jr. Gets Booed off Stage in UCLA by Trump Supporters

A Conservative-leaning organization hosted Donald Trump Jr. at UCLA to promote his new book Triggered on Sunday, but things did not go well for the President’s oldest son. Trump Jr. along with his girlfriend and former Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle was booed off the stage by Trump supporters for refusing to take questions during […]

Trump Promotes Rap Contest ‘#MAGACHALLENGE’ On Twitter

Donald Trump's Personal Valet Tested Positive for Coronavirus

By: Dylan Kemp Just when you thought his presidency couldn’t get any more ridiculous, this happens On Friday, Trump tweeted plans to announce the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE. The #MAGACHALLENGE is a social media contest where pro-Trump rappers drop bars supporting the president and his campaign for re-election. The #MAGACHALLENGE began with a September 14th […]

New York Judge Ordered Donald Trump to Pay $2M to Orgs in Civil Lawsuit

Donald Trump's Personal Valet Tested Positive for Coronavirus

In other news about our shady president, Mr. Trump has been ordered by a New York State judge to pay up a whopping $2 million settlement to several nonprofit organizations that have sued the POTUS for violating certain state charity laws. This is the nail in the coffin opened in 2016 when the New York […]

Election Day 2019: Republican Daniel Cameron Becomes Kentucky’s First Black Attorney General

Republican Daniel Cameron was elected Kentucky’s next attorney general Tuesday —the first African American to ever win a race for the office and the first Republican to do so in over 70 years. HISTORY MADE! Congratulations, @DanielCameronAG! — GOP (@GOP) November 6, 2019 Cameron, a 33-year old first-time candidate from Louisville, won over 57% of the […]

Secret Service Visited Eminem Due to Anti-Trump BET Freestyle

Two years ago when Eminem delivered his explosive freestyle coming at Donald Trump and the First Family, he was visited by secret service. BuzzFeed News reports protection services interviewed him about the lyrics on the Revival cut, “Framed,” in addition to his freestyle at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. “A concerned citizen reported Marshall […]

Trump On His Gangster! Blocks the Testimony of Gordon Sondland before Congress

Donald Trump Suggests Injecting People With Disinfectant to Treat COVID-19, Lysol Manufacturers Warns Against Ingestion

You can keep The Godfather or Scarface, the most intriguing gangsta flick America has ever witnessed is playing out right in front of us! According to CNN, Donald Trump’s administration has made moves to block the testimony of Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the European Union, before Congress. The State Department told Sondland not to […]

President Trump Ordered to Turn Those Tax Returns To Manhattan D.A.

Impeachment Inquiry: Donald Trump Was Reportedly Advised to Let A$AP Rocky 'Get Sentenced, Play the Racism Card' in Sweden

President Donald Trump wants everyone to know that he is rich, the “Master of The Deal” and one of the most profitable businessmen that America has ever known. He wants you all to know that! However, since his presidential candidacy, he has refused to ante up his tax returns so that the voting public can […]

Nancy Pelosi to Announce Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Donald Trump

Impeachment Inquiry: Donald Trump Was Reportedly Advised to Let A$AP Rocky 'Get Sentenced, Play the Racism Card' in Sweden

Donald Trump’s administration has been going back-and-forth about releasing the transcript with his conversation with Ukraine’s President as the call for his impeachment grows. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, would announce the formal impeachment inquiry Tuesday evening. Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer also announced plans to vote resolution of disapproval on Wednesday for allegations “that […]