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Lil Durk Walks Amiri Fashion Show At Paris Fashion Week

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Durkio on the runway, relaxed. Visit for more information Lil Durk hits the runway for his modeling debut during this year’s Paris Fashion Week as he walks in the Amiri Fashion Show. Joining the likes of recent addition of hip hop stars adding “runway model” to their resume, like Jim Jones and Offset, Durk […]

Doodie Lo After Touring with Lil Durk: “You Gotta Stay Working”

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Lil Durk’s OTF is a machine. Led by the Chicago star, OTF proves that it isn’t a one-star group. As Durkio took off across the country for his headlining 7220 Tour, he was joined by his OTF crew of rising rappers, one of which was Doodie Lo. Visit for more information Doodie Lo released […]