Nike and Dove Launch “Body Confident Sport” Tool to Boost Girls’ Body Confidence in Sports

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Nike and Dove have joined forces to introduce “Body Confident Sport,” a revolutionary set of coaching tools designed to empower 11- to 17-year-old girls and enhance their body confidence in sports. This initiative aims to create an inclusive environment where girls feel they belong in the world of sports. Visit […]

Dove is Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Facebook Ad

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Words by Fatima Barrie Visit for more information The soap company Dove sparked online outrage after a Facebook campaign posted on Friday showed a Black woman removing her brown shirt turned into a white woman wearing a cream shirt. In the next image, the white woman then turns into an Asian woman wearing a […]

Thanks To Dove, Curly-Haired Emojis Have Arrived


Who doesn’t use emojis when texting, tweeting or captions in their Instagram pics? Despite the huge variety of emoji options; the eggplant emoji, taco emoji, and the long-awaited middle finger emoji, one was noticeably missing, the curly-haired female. Thanks to Dove, you can download a new set of emojis that feature curly girls of an […]