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Remembering Dr. Sebi 3 Years Later


Today marks the third year anniversary of the mysterious death of Honduras herbalist, Alfred Bowman BKA —Dr. Sebi. After healing countless people from incurable infection diseases and teaching a nation about health and food origin Dr. Sebi passed away August 6, 2016 from pneumonia in a prison in Honduras. The healer was arrested at Juan Manuel […]

FROM THE POWER30 ISSUE: How Dr. Sebi’s Diet Changes Lives: The Power of Food

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Following the popularity of shocking food documentaries What the Health and Food Inc., constant GMO warnings and the exposure of graphic slaughterhouses and chicken farm’s, The Source asks the question, “Can the decline of health and influx of disease convince poor and urban communities to convert to a plant-based diet?”

Nick Cannon, Chingy Support Nipsey Hussle/Dr. Sebi Conspiracy Theory


As proven throughout history in America, whenever one of the descendants from the Africans brought to America present a form of a solution to the problems plaguing Black people in this country, they are immediately attacked and some have even had their lives taken from them in cold blood. Many believe that this is the […]

The Power of Food: Eating To Live

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When Beyonce announced to the world she would prepare for Coachella this year by going on a 22-day vegan diet, the topic rose again in the urban community,  “What’s wrong with eating meat?” It’s almost been a year since I embarked on the decision to stop eating meat and change my diet. Following the rise […]

Dr. Sebi Dies In Police Custody In Honduras


According to several news outlets, world renowned natural herbalist and healer Alfredo Darrington Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi, died in Honduras over the weekend[August 6, 2016] after having complications while battling pneumonia in police custody. He was 82 years old. Dr. Sebi was originally arrested on May 28, 2016 at Juan Manuel Gálvez de […]