Zaia’s Debut EP “Drive” Set to Release Tomorrow

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Tomorrow [April 5, 2018] 20 year old Atlanta based rapper/songwriter Zaia is set to release his debut EP, Drive. Zaia says it’s his first EP, but by the sound of it, you’d think he was a music industry vet already. Visit for more information Zaia is set apart by his unique voice, on top of his […]

Ameriie Talks New Projects and Being Unsigned With ‘The Breakfast Club’


It’s been more than six years since the music world heard from Ameriie (formerly Amerie) with the exception of a fairly recent single, “Out Loud,” which dropped in 2015, and in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the songstress talks about what took so long and also revealed she’s releasing a new project entitled Drive. Visit for more information “I’ve been […]