Eastern Conference

LeBron James Believes the Top Four Teams in the East Made Moves Because He Isn’t in the Conference Anymore

LeBron James is Reportedly in Talks for 'Friday the 13th' Reboot

The Eastern Conference has very been as top-heavy has it is now. Philadelphia 76ers added Tobias Harris. The Toronto Raptors added Marc Gasol. The Milwaukee Bucks acquired Nikola Mirotic. Ironically, LeBron James agrees with that statement. All top four teams in the East made phenomenal upgrades at the trade deadline to make their case for the NBA […]

LeBron James Leads Cavs to Victory To Achieve Eighth Straight NBA Finals

We’ve all witnessed this story before: LeBron James is back in the NBA Finals for an eight consecutive season. King James has not lost an Eastern Conference series since 2010. In Game 7 match-ups specifically, he’s logged a shade under 35 points. It is the second Game 7 of his historic 2018 Playoffs run.  The three-time […]

3 Reasons Philadelphia’s 76ers And Boston’s Celtics Will Reignite A 50-Plus-Year NBA Rivarly

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics are slated to go toe-to-toe in the upcoming Eastern Conference semifinals, and their battle just might reignite an old rivalry that began more than five decades ago. This all began when Wilt Chamberlain led the Philadelphia Warriors —and later the 76ers — against Bill Russell’s Celtics throughout the 1960s. Their on-court […]

Eight-time NBA All Star Dwight Howard unveils DH2 signature shoe with PEAK

Last week across the Pacific in Beijing, Atlanta Hawks’ newest Center, Dwight Howard unveiled his DH2 signature shoe with PEAK. The eight-time NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist becomes one of the most accomplished basketball stars to team up with a Chinese footwear brand for a signature sneaker. The color way is inspired by yin […]