Apple will be adding 13 new emojis to represent people with disabilities


Apple proposed new emoji today that would better represent hearing aids, guides, and people with disabilities, in a submission to the Unicode Consortium, as noted by Emojipedia. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Apple wrote in its submission, “Apple is requesting the addition of emoji to better represent individuals with disabilities. Currently, emoji provide a wide […]

Apple Reveals the Latest Emojis Coming to iOS

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The iOS 11.1 update is almost upon us and Apple has revealed a slew of new emojis to go with it. Initially, showing off 30 emojis, Unicode 10 is set to include 56 new emoticons. Android Oreo already has the equivalent characters, so the minority of users running that software are currently reveling in new […]

Apple Gets More Diversified With iOS 10 Emoji Update


Getting more creative with the emojis, Apple is customizing the popular text-friendly images for their users. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Offering new gender and race options, the Apple iOS 10 update has some new emojis ready to be added to regular, everyday conversations via the internet and text. With redesigns and new additions, there […]

An “Emoji Movie” Is Coming Soon


Since emojis are the new viral thing, it was only matter of time an Emoji Movie would make its debut. It’s the new universal language we’ve learned to communicate in over text messages, pepper our Instagram captions with, slide into DMs with ease, etc. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Sony Pictures Animation beat out two […]

Slide in DMs With Fabolous’ New Collection of Emojis

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Move over Kimoji’s, there’s a new emoji collection in town. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Fabolous has debuted YoungEmOGis, in partnership with Binghamton, NY based company Moji Keyboard Inc., with his own customized mini-characters. Featuring 50 emojis the “She Wildin” artist helped design, your texts, tweets and Instagram captions are about to be lit with miniature headphones, […]

Boomin: Fetty Wap Unveils His Own Line Of Emojis

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Paterson, NJ’s own Fetty Wap was a mainstay on the Billboard Top 10 in 2015, as he set a record as the first artist to have his first four singles debut north of the tenth spot on the charts. This was all further boosted by massive popularity, appearing on stage with Taylor Swift during her […]

Thanks To Dove, Curly-Haired Emojis Have Arrived


Who doesn’t use emojis when texting, tweeting or captions in their Instagram pics? Despite the huge variety of emoji options; the eggplant emoji, taco emoji, and the long-awaited middle finger emoji, one was noticeably missing, the curly-haired female. Thanks to Dove, you can download a new set of emojis that feature curly girls of an […]