Top 5 Web Series You Should Be Watching

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Because honestly, have many of us actually have cable?  Today the Internet has become a ubiquitous medium for everything related to media, and that includes how people get their T.V. Since it appears easier to sign up for a Youtube account than a cable contract (for a multitude of reasons), here’s five entertaining web series […]

10 Super Bowl Commercials That Should Have Been Banned

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If there’s any good reason why a Super Bowl commercial should be banned, it should be because the actors suck, it’s offensive or the commercial is just outright DUMB. Here is a compilation of just 10 companies who wasted $2-4 mil on 30 seconds of WTF-ness. Hit the jump to check out the worst commercials!

Lee Daniels And Danny Strong To Create Hip Hop Inspired Show On FOX


Watch as Hip-Hop Becomes a TV Show Director, Lee Daniels and his partner, Danny Strong are set to direct a new show coming to FOX called Empire.  This is the mark of Lee’s TV directorial debut. Daniels and Strong are known for their hit movies, The Butler and Precious. The network didn’t announce who is going to be the […]

6 Things to Do During These Crazy A** Snow Days

Being trapped in your house for hours on an end can be the most mind blowing thing in the world if you’ve already watched ALL episodes of Scandal, scrolled through your whole timeline on Instagram, and just ate the last of your Oreos. But now is the time to get creative. When Netflix just ain’t […]

Game Of Thrones Recap: Episode 8 Second Sons

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This episode turned the season from marathon to sprint. Full of lust, regret, betrayal, and Khaleesi finding her man. Westeros girls love the way it goes down, except Sansa of course. Plenty have said that this season has been dragging, I hear them. The third season has an unusual slow pace. However, there are seven […]

The 10 Most Notorious Group Breakups In Hip-Hop

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Call it beef or a feud, in the end it led to the end. With Naughty by Nature on the verge of splitting up, we yet again have another hip-hop group with its members feuding with one another. Unfortunately, groups staying together and outlasting the test of time is never a given. This is not […]

MTV Grants “Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family” A Second Season

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Round 2 for Mac Miller and the boys MTV2 will green-light another season of Mac Miller’s reality show. The “Most Dope Family” gave MTV2 its highest debut ratings in the channel’s history, respectable figures that the network values as the second season will go into production this summer. In addition, MTV2 announced today that Mac […]