The New Face Of Heroin

ther heroin crisis act

Words by: Milca Pierre Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information From The Source Magazine Issue #270 | 2016   Advertisement The United States isn’t new to the heroin epidemic, but its latest response to the issue is revealing the scary double standards of public health. In 1991, the search was on for a trio the Drug […]

One Day Killer Disease In Nigeria Linked To Poisoning


Health officials says the unidentified illness is not an epidemic or contagious Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information A mysterious illness has erupted in Nigeria, taking the lives of eighteen victims. The outbreak started in the Ode-Irele town, Ondo state, and immediately began to spread without warning. The disease is said to be characterized with the […]

Indiana Under State of Emergency After HIV Outbreak

The state of Indiana is under a State of Emergency after an unexpected Outbreak of HIV hit Scott County hard. According to msnbc.com, the outbreak is believed to be from needle sharing opiate users and has already infected 72 people in the Southern Indiana county. It is believed that the outbreak began with seven known […]