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Eric B. and Rakim Are Heading On Their First Tour In 25 Years, The Technique Tour

Eric B

The new generation of classic hip-hop fans will now get the chance to experience the groovy showmanship of hip-hop’s greatest duo, Eric B. and Rakim. This morning, the legendary golden era collective’s verified Twitter account revealed the duo will go on tour this year, along down the U.S. route. “We #TakingBackTwitter and that’s just the […]

Rakim Wants Young Hip-Hop Fans To See The Difference Between Hip-Hop and Rap, Denies ‘Devolution’ Tweet


The hip-hop legend doesn’t knock those who can’t see the difference, but, that is not an excuse. Visit for more information Last week, unmatched legendary hip-hop duo Eric B. and Rakim triggered an eruption of debates when their verified Twitter account tweeted the following statement in regards to the current state of the hip-hop […]

Eric B. And Rakim’s Twitter Page Deletes Anti-Millenial Rap Tweets

Did Eric B. and Rakim speak too soon? Visit for more information Well, whoever controls their Twitter page thought it was necessary to delete the Tweets that was sent out from the duo’s verified account earlier this week. There were some very controversial tweets ent out concerning the current state of Hip Hop and […]

Happy Birthday To The God MC: Rakim Allah

Rakim Allah

Today, we acknowledge the date of birth of an emcee whose innovative skill set in the beginning of hip-hop’s true golden era changed the blueprint for the hip-hop emcee…forever, Rakim Allah. Visit for more information In a highly composed and reserved manner, Rakim pioneered the use of compound rhyming by using words that have two […]

Rakim Talks Breakout Track, “Eric B. Is President”

eric b

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of “Eric B. Is President,” Rakim is currently traveling from city to city on his “Paid in Full” tour. The MC also announced he would perform the 1987 debut album in its entirety on May 26 at Park West in Chicago. Visit for more information In an interview with […]