Facebook Audits Itself and Catches a Civil Rights Fade

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On Wednesday, Facebook released the results of a two-year long audit and they were not good. According to the report, the company made decisions that “represent significant setbacks for civil rights.” Carried out by civil rights attorney Laura W. Murphy, and the law firm Relman Colfax, the team conducted interviews with more than 100 civil […]

Netflix Being Asked to Chill On Streaming Or Possibly Break The Internet

Here's What's Coming to Netflix in June

Netflix is being urged by the European Union to stop showing video in high definition. They are asking other streaming platforms as well to prevent the internet from breaking under the strain of unprecedented usage. More people are anticipated to use the services due to the coronavirus pandemic. With millions working from home globally, EU […]

[WATCH] John Legend/Facebook Premieres ‘Dear John: Legendary Love Letters’ Animated Series

John Legend  photo credit  Eliot Lee Hazel

Singer/songwriter John Legend has collaborated with Facebook for a new animated series about true love stories from around the world just in time for Valentine’s Day. The first of the eight episode series premiered yesterday on John Legend’s Facebook Page with new episodes dropping daily through the 14th. Dear John: Legendary Love Letters is an animated series where […]

R. Kelly ‘Surviving Lies’ Page Launches, Facebook Deletes It

R. Kelly 'Surviving Lies' Page Launches, Facebook Deletes It

A Facebook page created to discredit the alleged victims who appeared on the Surviving R. Kelly documentary was launched on Monday, January 7th. However, it was quickly removed.TMZ reports that a rep from Facebook said the page violated community guidelines. “The Page violated our Community Standards and has been removed,” the Facebook rep told TMZ. […]

California Rings in 2020 with Controversial Data Privacy Overhaul

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Consumer data has been a hot-button issue in recent years with celebrities, artists, consumer advocacy organizations, and politicians on both sides of the aisle advocating for stronger digital privacy measures. The California Consumer Privacy Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2020, has been widely lauded as the “most sweeping data privacy law in […]

“Free speech and paid speech are not the same thing:” Facebook Staff Demand Organization prevent false information in political ads

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The 2020 election is almost a year away, but the buzz surrounding the election is getting louder by the day. Whether it’s hip-hop artists and celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Angie Martinez, H.E.R., Fat Joe, Flipp Dinero, Becky G, CNCO, and Farruko encouraging fans to register to vote through their Rock the Vote initiative or […]

Facebook and Instagram Take Major Plunge into Video Content Broadcasting

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If there’s one thing that celebrities and hip-hop artists (and those who aspire to be celebrities and hip-hop artists) love, it’s social media. If there’s a close second, it’s YouTube. From Young Thug’s 12 hours long YouTube live stream, “Meet Me at the London,” to YouTube serving as the modern replacement for MTV, there’s no shortage […]

Celebrities Fall Prey to Viral Instagram Hoax, Quickly Recant


“Deadline today!! It can be used in court cases against you.” These were the first lines of text on the blurry screenshot shared by thousands of Instagram users over the past few days- as well as major artists, celebrities, entertainers, and even politicians including Julia Roberts, Usher, Pink, Rob Lowe, Judd Apatow, Debra Messing, and […]

Facebook Fined $5 Billion by FTC! Is That Chump Change Or A Major ‘L’ For Zuckerberg?


On Friday, the news about The Federal Trade Commission’s $5 billion fine against Facebook hit the public with great speculation and awe. Everybody’s auntie’s favorite social network founded by CEO Mark Zuckerberg raked in over $15 billion in first-quarter revenue, despite struggling with various privacy and hate speech scandals, getting caught but in election interference reports […]

Facebook’s Uncertain Future: Privacy Concerns Draw Ire From Users, Politicians

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Few things in this world can bring politicians together: war, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and now, privacy concerns. Despite being fined and cautioned by several government agencies, Facebook continues to provide lip service to lawmakers and the media while flaunting features that not only increase privacy concerns but continue to dehumanize the once “social” […]

Snoop Dogg Speaks Out After Facebook Bans Minister Louis Farrakhan

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Many people aren’t taking the news lightly after Minister Louis Farrakhan was banned from Facebook today, one in particular being Hip-Hop veteran and West Coast icon Snoop Dogg.   View this post on Instagram P. S. A. @louisfarrakhan23 A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on May 2, 2019 at 12:49pm PDT Advertisement     According […]

Offset’s Father Says Cardi Posted Picture of Baby Kulture Out of Spite


Cardi announcing her divorce to her now husband has not only left Offset heartbroken and devastated but Offset’s father is just as affected. Offset’s father took to Facebook today to get a few things off his chest in regards to  Cardi & Offset’s relationship. Offset’s father described the divorce scandal as a “never-ending drama session. It’s […]

Facebook Reports Your Private Photos May Have Gone Public

facebook bug

Bah Hum-BUG! Another API bug is crawling around the tech space today. This time the victim is Facebook and about 6.8 million Facebook users who use the platform daily. Remember that embarrassing photo of you doing a keg-stand in your underwear at the holiday party? Well, it’s now viral fam, good job. According to a […]

Facebook’s New Camera Announcement is Met With Mixed Reviews

Is Facebook Getting Even Less Friendly? Social Media Giant Shuts Down Friends List Feeds Feature

In recent months, Facebook has been announcing that they want to see more of your face. On the heels of last week‘s new Nearby Friends mapping feature announcement, Facebook revealed that they’re following the leads of other tech giants such as Google and Snapchat and expanding into the hardware market with the announcement of their […]