BJ the Chicago Kid Releases Cover of The-Dream’s “Fancy”

fancy cover

BJ the Chicago Kid has hopped into The-Dream’s catalog and fires off a cover of “Fancy” as apart of his new weekly series “BJ Wednesdays.” Visit for more information The Grammy-nominated artist hit the Love Vs. Money album and delivered a new take on the classic record which is the first installment of new […]

Where is the Fancy? Iggy Azalea Sued for Being $250k Over AMEX Limit!

iggy azalea halsey

Words by Qadriyyah Brown Visit for more information The other day I overheard of group of women asking, “Whatever happened to Iggy?” as in Iggy Azalea, the Australian rapper behind 2014’s summer hit anthem “Fancy.” Well, apparently she had good reason to be hiding. Allegedly, Iggy is over $250k on her credit limit with […]

DJ Mustard Throws Shade At “Fancy” & “Classic Man”

DJMustard JakeKatznelson

DJ Mustard self proclaims himself the heart beat of the West Coast sound Visit for more information Meanwhile producers of the Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and Jidenna’s “Classic Man” are in the midst of a legal battle, DJ Mustard jumps on Twitter to give a friendly reminder that he is the originator of that west coast […]

So, It Seems Like Skeme Had A Hand In Writing Iggy Azalea’s Verses On “Fancy”

iggy fancy

Visit for more information Just how much did Iggy Azalea’s pen have to do with her biggest hit? Much ink has been spilled over Iggy Azalea‘s “Fancy,” and whether or not it’s “cultural appropriation” should allow Iggy Azalea to be regarded as an official member of Hip-Hop culture, be nominated for rap Grammys, and […]