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FaZe Clan and McDonald’s Spark New Tradition First-Ever “Friendsgaming”


FaZe Clan is teaming with McDonald’s to change Friendsgiving as you know it. The two are teaming to let gamers celebrate with their online friends across the country. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The FaZe Clan, and McDonald’s USA the digital-native lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming, are joining forces to host the first-ever […]

Lil Yachty Shows His Love For Gaming With a Holiday Capsule Collab Alongside Ninja

lil yachty ninja holiday sweater collection

As one of the leading advocates for Hip-Hop youth culture, Lil Yachty is no stranger to playing a few games in between dropping catchy radio hits. Actually, he’s a certified member of the FaZe Clan, even officially being deemed “FaZe Yachty” or more correctly “FaZe Boat.” Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Introducing FaZe Yachty https://t.co/85n5Rkdv0T […]