Federal Prosecutors To File Charges Against Neighbor In San Bernardino Tragedy

enrique marquez guns

Federal prosecutors have decided to press charges against the long time friend and ex-neighbor Enrique Marquez for purchasing the semi-automatic weapons that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik used to shoot and kill 14 people and injuring 21 others last month in a terrorist atack in San Bernardino, California. According to federal autuhorities, Marquez could be […]

FBI Notified For Suspicious Purchase Of Cellphones In Missouri


Authorities in Missouri contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a few men purchased over a hundred cellular phones in three separate areas near the city of St. Louis from local Walmart stores in a 24 hour period. Two men bought about 60 phones last Saturday in Lebanon in Southwestern Missouri were questioned by police, […]

Three Men Arrested In White Supremacist Plot In Virginia


Three Virginia men were arrested after an FBI investigation uncovered that the men were making plans to attack Black churches and Jewish synagogues to incite a race war, according to federal authorities. Robert Curtis Doyle, Ronald Beasley Chaney III and Charles Daniel Halderman when Doyle and Chaney were allegedly arrested for atempting to buy illegal […]

New Doc ‘(T)error’ Exposes Dark Tale of FBI Informant

t error

New ‘(T)error’ Documentary exposes the life of Saeed Torres, a former FBI informant, to the big screen These are the words of Lyric Cabral, director for the new documentary (T)error that aired at April’s Tribeca Film Festival. The person she is speaking of, is Saeed “Shariff” Torres, a man she would shortly find had a very twisted […]

FBI Tells Of Flawed Hair Analysis For Decades


After an investigation launched in 2012 in response to The Washington Post reporting flawed forensic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of potentially innocent people since at least the 1970s for murder, rape, and other violent crimes,  the results are in and they are not reflecting highly on the Justice Department. The […]

Cuba Refuses U.S. Trade Negotiation For Assata Shakur


the Communist country just south of the Florida Keys adamantly shakes its head at the U.S. government’s efforts to extradite Assata Shakur This week, former FBI director Louis Freeh reported that The Record Newspaper in Bergen County, NJ that the FBI offered five Cuban spies that were being held in Florida in exchange for Assata […]

FBI Releases Composite Of Suspect In NAACP Bombing


On Friday, as movie-goers attended the chilling and poignant release of Ava Duevarnay’s critically acclaimed 1965-based Civil Rights drama Selma, the FBI released a composite sketch of a suspect responsible for the attempting bombing of an NAACP building in Colorado Springs. The attempted bombing occurred on Tuesday, after an explosion erupted outside of the exterior […]

FBI Says Explosion Outside Of Colorado NAACP Was “Deliberate” Bombing

The FBI are searching for a man who allegedly set off a homemade device that exploded outside of a Colorado Springs NAACP office yesterday The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that an explosion that cause a minor scare near a Colorado Springs NAACP office yesterday was purposely detonated. No one was injured in the explosion, […]

Hanging Of A NC Teen Launches A Federal Hate Crime Investigation

lennon lacy

The medical examiner ruled Lennon Lacy’s hanging death a suicide, but his mother believes that the teen football star’s 32 year old white, drug addict ex-girlfriend knows exactly what happened to her son August 28 was the last day that Claudia Lacy saw her son 17 year old son Lennon alive. The teen was found […]

FBI Warns Ferguson Decision May Lead To Violence Against Cops


The FBI warns that the announcement of the grand jury’s decision “will likely be exploited by some individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure,” according to the bulletin The FBI has issued an intelligence bulletin to state and local partners urging them to be aware of the potential for violent […]

Heroin Kills More People Than Violent Crimes


Heroin has caused more deaths than violent crime and car accidents, according to an article published in the USAToay. In 2012, there were 730 drug overdoes–half of those were caused by heroin and prescription opiates. In some cities, the deadly drug can be purchased for a little as $4 a bag. It’s becoming a problem in […]

Al Sharpton Once A FBI Informant – A Dicey Past

Al Sharpton

A strong legacy of social activism and an outspoken political force has been challenged thanks to a major discovery from TheSmokingGun. Rev. Al Sharpton, the man who has sat in the Oval Office and has been a strong supporter of Barack Obama, has been revealed to have FBI ties during the 80’s. According to the website, informant “CI-7”, also known as […]

COINTELPRO And The Hip-Hop Cops

bigbrother 1

Written By: Shawn Setaro from Rap Genius Former FBI agent Tim Clemente made a series of frightening appearances on CNN in the beginning of May. He revealed that the Feds have the capability to listen to our entire electronic lives – his exact, bone-chilling words were “no digital communication is secure.” Advertisement Between this bombshell […]