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Sa-Roc Sheds Light On Police Brutality In “Heaven On Earth” Video


With smooth and conscious flows, Sa-Roc takes on police brutality in her latest song to get a visual treatment, “Heaven On Earth.” The video features news clips and footage from around the United States that shine light on the tense relationship between law enforcement and citizens, as well as the grim realities that currently exist […]

Little Simz’ “Gratitude” Documents Recent Protests In South Africa


Little Simz, 21, recently released a strong visual offering from her debut album, A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons. For “Gratitude,” Simz traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, alongside director Jeremy Cole and visual artist/activist Imraan Christian, to capture footage from the recent #FeesMustFall protests. The video balances tension from police and protesters with a […]

#WCW: Billboard Review Top 5 Female MCs Who Changed Hip Hop

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Last March for Women’s History Month Billboard showcased 31 female MCs over 31 days who changed Hip Hop…for #WCW TheSource.com picks our top 5 from the list In this era of Hip Hop female rappers are a rarity, yet March 2014 Billboard was able to accumulate 31 women that changed Hip Hop for each day […]