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Chicago PD Sends Letter Demanding $130K From Jussie Smollett

The City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department intend on suing actor Jussie Smollett if he does not pay the $130K for the cost of the investigation into his allegations that he was a victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime. The letter from the police demanded, “immediate payment of the $130,106.15 expended […]

Drake’s Dad: R. Kelly And Jussie Smollett Are Friends Of Mine

Dennis Graham, father of actor/rapper Drake, made some startling comments about some of urban culture’s current, controversial personalities in an interview that is sure to put more pressure on his son to get his dad out of the spotlight. Graham said in an exclusive interview with Variety Magazine that both disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly […]

President Trump Comments On the Jussie Smollett Case

President Trump jumped into the beef today surrounding Jussie Smollett, the Empire actor accused of paying off people to create a false hate crime against him. Smollett faces a felony disorderly conduct charge, with Chicago police accusing him of concocting an attack in which men wearing red “MAGA” hats beat him up, called him homophobic […]

‘Empire’ May Suspend Jussie Smollett Following Felony Indictment

Prior to the criminal charges, reps for the Fox series Empire made statements that Jussie Smollett’s character would not be removed from the show, but after being charged with filing the false police report in the created and rehearsed hate attack, Smollett maybe removed from the TV drama. Sources close to the show’s producers say […]