[WATCH] Finesse2Tymes Admits That He Is Struggling With Weight Loss

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Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes has recently embarked on a weight loss journey at the beginning of this month and he admits that it’s not as easy. as he might’ve expected. Visit for more information On the first of the month Finesse took to IG to post his commitment to a 21-day fruit and water fast […]

LISTEN: B.G. Calls Lil Wayne a ‘B*tch’ on New Feature Verse

B.G. Calls Lil Wayne a 'B*tch' on New Feature Verse

B.G. is NOT feeling Lil Wayne. Immediately back to the music, B.G. hopped on Finesse2Tymes’ new single “Gangstafied” and called Weezy F Baby a ‘bitch.” “My nigga Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowingMy nigga Weezy steady touring, but he’s a bitch and it’s showing” Visit for more information Complex notes in […]

[WATCH] Charleston White Calls CPS On Finesse2Tymes 10-Year-Old Artist Lil King

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YouTuber and TX-based culture critic Charleston White has called child protective services on Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes’ 10-year-old artist and alleged son Lil King and the little rap signee has responded in the most disrespectful manner possible. Visit for more information White made call to CPS while on IG Live yesterday(May 7), telling the woman […]

Second Woman Dies Following Stampede At GloRilla/Finesse2Tymes Concert

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According to a report from the Associated Press, a second woman has died from her injuries following a deadly stampede at the GloRilla/Finesse2Tymes concert in Rochester, New York, this past Sunday. Visit for more information The melee began at the Main Street Armory shortly following the performances of GloRilla and Finesse2Tymes after it was […]

[WATCH] Fight Breaks Out On Stage At Finesse2Tymes Show in Kansas City

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Footage from a venue in Kansas City, Missouri shows a fight broke out during a concert for Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes this past weekend. Visit for more information Finesse was slated to hit the stage on Friday at Club BLVD Nights when a fight broke out between two men, which quickly grew to several other […]

Finesse2Tymes’ Crew Accused Of Shooting, Robbing Cannabis Store In Knoxville

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Several reports had already confirmed that a shootout occurred at the Finesse2Tymes show in Knoxville, Tennessee. Still, now it has been reported that members of Finesse2Tymes’ crew were involved in the shooting at the cannabis store and are even accused of robbing the marijuana establishment. Visit for more information Alonzo Butler, a promoter associated […]

Finesse2Tymes Joins Jass Clutch On “Whole Lot” Video

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North Carolina’s Jass Clutch is on the rise and has no plans of stopping any time soon. With her new visual “Whole Lot,” out now, she linked up with Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes, to help her deliver the perfect cadence on the track. Visit for more information Finesse2Tymes appears in the visual and the two exchange bars […]