Frankie Beverly and Maze

R&B Legend Frankie Beverley Loves Beyoncé’s ‘Before I Let Go’ Cover


One of the biggest takeaways from Beyoncé’s Homecoming, a documentary detailing her iconic performance at Coachella aka Beychella performance, was her remake of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly’s Black national anthem “Before I Let Go.” Some purists believed the cover is almost sacrilegious but there are many (Shout out to the Beyhive) who loved her rendition […]

Beyoncé Posts #BeforeILetGo Challenge on Her Instagram Story


This is the second time that Beyonce has posted on her Instagram story. She posted the “Before I Let Go” challenge of her fans doing the new cookout dance for the summer! Visit for more information Queen Bey did the cover of Maze and Frankie Beverly original song “Before I Let Go” but made […]