Check Out The Highly Anticipated First Episode Of Chris Paul And Blake Griffin’s Sketch Comedy “BGCP3TV In HD”


Visit for more information Who would’ve thought this sketch comedy was actually funny? Last night,  Adult Swim premiered the Jordan Brand sponsored sketch comedy “BGCP3TV in HD” and it was actually funny (believe it or not). The dry humor comedy show pokes fun at the Clipper duo’s hilarious differences while exploring their relationship on […]

Blake Griffin Drops Some “Slam Dunk Poetry” In New Vizio Commercial


Visit for more information Advertisement Clippers’ Blake Griffin shows off his poetic side in this new ad Besides Blake Griffin being one of the most thunderous dunker’s in the league he’s surprisingly not a shabby poet either. In VIZIO’s new campaign ad, Blake Griffin shows off his funny side and proves that he’s the […]

Morgan Freeman Inhales A Helium Balloon, For Science Of Course

Science Channel, through the wormhole, morgan freeman, helium, funny

Visit for more information The man with the golden voice, Morgan Freeman, gave the internet a few laughs recently after inhaling a helium balloon for the Science Channel‘s show, Through the Wormhole. His deep and renowned voice hit the opposite site of the pitch scale and it’s just as hilarious as you would assume. […]

Instagram Artist, Tisha Cherry, Creates Awesome Rap References Out Of Food

food, instagram, rap, funny, tisha cherry, #ArtintheEats

Though her full time job is being a nurse, you wouldn’t guess it by checking out her Instagram account. Tisha Cherry commissioned her own personal project, dubbed #ArtintheEats, in which she creates masterpiece portraits and images of your favorite rappers – solely out of food. Visit for more information Cherry’s  work became so popular and renowned […]

Throwback Thursday: 6 Visual Reasons, Outside Of Music, Why ODB Was The Man

ol dirty bastard, odb, wu tang, mtv, funny

Wu-Tang‘s Ol’ Dirty Bastard has forever been a staple in the Hip Hop community, not only for his ferocious bars, but also for the fun-loving/clown of an individual he was. Though frequently misunderstood due to media portrayal, ODB’s friends and family will all tell you that he was a big softy once you broke through […]

Llama Bounces To DMX And The Vine Is Just As Great As You’d Expect

llama, dmx, earl simmons, funny, vine

Visit for more information How much joy can an 8 second video bring? Well, if we use this Vine of a lama frolicking to DMX as a benchmark, then the answer is “an eternity’s worth”. It’s Friday, it’s beautiful out and this video crosses my way. What better way to initiate the start of […]

16 Best April Fool’s Day Instagram Memes

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It’s April, Fool! Visit for more information If you don’t have a sense of humor today was seriously not your day. Today, people all over the world indulged in bad pranks and good laughs, inappropriate jokes and all around just some really bad humor. In return they were hit with surprising reactions such as […]

Nardwuar Interviews Bushwick Bill Of The Geto Boys At SXSW

Nardwuar Bushwick Bill 2

Visit for more information Nardwuar caught up with the Geto Boys‘ own Bushwick Bill at SXSW and the video has just came out. Bill tells the Nard Dog about his early days as a breakdancer, coming up in the game with the Geto Boys and how he was “discovered”. Who knew Bushwick Bill was […]

Ice, Ice, Grandma Has Solo Dance Party In The Kitchen


Visit for more information Ice, Ice, Grandma. Rollin’, in my 5.0, with the rag-top down so my hair can blow. I bet you’ve never caught your Grandma dance-cooking to Vanilla Ice before. This isn’t your ordinary “Grandma dance”, either. Utilizing the whole kitchen, she gets in the zone and goes in to the 90’s […]

Things Rappers Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them


Most rappers are of a different breed than us normal folk. The lavish lifestyle circumferences yacht buying, money throwing, gold teeth wearing, pet tiger having and more. Sometimes, these things are just “who the rapper is” and sometimes it’s solely to make everyday people feel inadequate (I swear). Well guess what rappers? Here’s what some […]